Explanation of progress charts of Irish secondary schools

To understand feeder tables, it is important to understand the component parts. There are two prime numbers associated with each school listed: the total number of students attending college this year and the total number of first-year undergraduate students who sit the Leaving Certificate in 2021.

It is also important to note that the percentage progress rates of Ireland’s second tier schools do not fully reflect the success of this year’s Leaving Certificate class in securing college places through the CAO.

The percentage listed in the last column is not the “correct rate” for progress from each school to college leaving certificate 2021 class this year because there are so many different elements involved.

So, who are the 49,000 students appearing for the upcoming first year class of 2021? Of the applicants who secured CAO places in 2021, 4,825 secured their places in Round 0 in July, mainly applicants who were over 23 years of age.

In early August a further 3,533 applicants took their places in Round A, mainly graduates of FE Level 5/6 awards. A further 40,607 applicants received and accepted offers from the Leaving Cert class of 2021 as well as over 12,000 other applicants from classes of the last four/five years in Round 1 at the beginning of September this year.

Also that Round 1 offer group includes applicants from Northern Ireland, the UK, other EU countries and international applicants from around the world.

In numbers provided to The Irish Times, each third-tier institution includes all incoming first-year students who attend a given school, regardless of whether up to 25 percent of the first years arrive 20 years earlier. Till sitting in the Leaving Certificate.

Each of these students, excluding those sitting on the Leaving Certificate in Ireland, is included in the total number of students credited by the colleges at each school. We publish this number because CAO colleges are allowed to provide all this. He has been barred from revealing how many students of class 2021 have secured positions this year.

Of the 49,000 Republic of Ireland students who started college in September 2021, we estimate that 75 percent completed their Certificate of Leaving in June 2021.

Class of 2021 who progressed through CAO The total number of students appearing in the Leaving Certificate that applied for a position through the CAO in 2021 was 48,104.

State Examination Commission (SEC) data on the number of students appearing in the Leaving Certificate in all schools in 2021 (SITS) show that 57,952 opted for the Traditional Leaving Certificate with 3,173 opting for the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA).

The SEC provides the Irish Times with this data which allows the publication of the SITS number next to each school name. Combining this data from the CAO and the SEC shows that 79 percent of sixth-year students in Irish second-tier schools sought a place in the more than 40 institutions it represents.