Faced with Insabi’s failures, opposition calls for return of Seguro Popular

In the Congress of Central Legislators from the PAN, the Citizens’ Movement and the PRD agreed that given the federal government’s failure to acquire and distribute drugs, it is necessary that the Institute of Health (INSABI) disappear and insurance return to the popular.

In the Senate, the blue and white coordinator in the upper house, Julen Rementaria, said it was clear that since the federal government and the legislative majority of 4T have decided to focus on drug purchases in the Mayor’s Office of the Ministry of Finance. , “Everything is in decline”.

When asked about the inequitable gap in the definition of rules for the acquisition and distribution of drugs for two years, as published by La Rezon in its edition this Wednesday, he insisted that it is a problem that President Andres Manuel López has not resolved Obrador.

“The acquisition problem, and we pointed it out because the way it was done was changed, everything was centered in the Office of the Mayor’s Treasury in 2019 and unfortunately what is proven is that this system doesn’t work , it should specialize in that area of ​​government in which it is their turn and prevent the shortage from continuing. The President himself has admitted this before his cabinet and the health secretariat, he has given them an ultimatum, but the shortage continues, The problem is not what to buy them, but through what mechanism, he insisted.

In the Chamber of Deputies, the Secretary of the Health Commission, Emacist Salomon Chertorievsky, assured that the problem of the lack of acquisition and distribution of drugs by INSABI is a fundamental issue, as they have destroyed the planning system.

“It is an institution that was born to start operations without any analysis and no technical support. At the same time, you destroy the drug planning and purchasing system, and importantly, what was consolidated procurement, Understanding its dimension”, he highlighted.

In an interview with this newspaper, he explained that the authorities destroyed a complex system of supply, demand and planning to ensure supply, which he had been analyzing a year earlier.

“You destroy that system, you send it to the Ministry of Finance, with the officials who bought drugs in their lives; you go to the United Nations, which never bought drugs for Mexico and the logistics in distribution. didn’t know about, and in the same argument you have justice.

“Insabi continues without capacity and till date it has not made them. It should be understood that this process is complex and should bring in experts who had years in these processes, as it cannot be done instantaneously and in good faith “Because there is no time, as you cannot issue bids for the same year in January, it is a chronicle of declared failure”, the MC MLA specified.

Separately, ctor Jaime Ramírez Barba, PAN federal deputy, assured that Mexico has already accumulated three years of failures in drug tenders, resulting in the shortages our country is facing.

“At presidential conventions they are liars, they give half-truths, because the health secretary (Jorge Alcosar) does not say how many pieces have actually been delivered. So we come into 2021 with three years of continuous failures,” They said.

He also elaborated that this year, INSABI and UNOPS are “planning for the (beginning) 2022 tender, as of now we still don’t know how many keys they are going to hand over, they have already failed , because they have empty keys to basic drugs like paracetamol and metformin, which are very serious”.

While San Lazaro Health Commission member, Marcelino Castaneda Navarrete, said that the lack of transparency and regulations in INSABI is due to corruption, as it does not have rules for supplying inputs to hospitals, only the policy benefits. Fourth change.

“This is part of the corruption of the Fourth Transformation, because there are no rules, they define everything at their convenience. Medicines are in short supply and the president himself has recognized this, until the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcosar, scolds,” PRD leader said.

  • Data: The national leader of the PRD, Jess Zambrano, assured that the shortage of medicines in hospitals in the country is a criminal irresponsibility generated by the federal government.