FGR demands 54 years in prison for Emilio Lozoya

For the Odebrecht and Agronitrogenados cases, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) requested a total of 54 years in prison against Emilio Lozoya Austin, the former director of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), imprisoned in Northern Prison, for offenses of operating with resources. Did. Of illegal origin, bribery and criminal association.

On Thursday, FGR filed a charge against Lozoya Austin in the now Agronitrogendos case and sentenced Judge Jose Artemio Ziga Mendoza of the Federal Criminal Justice Center of the Northern Prisons to 15 more years in prison and a 5,000-day fine. Judicial sources said that the offense of operating with resources of illegal origin.

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In addition, the Attorney General’s Office asked the judge to seize the Lomas de Bezares residence from Lozoya Austin, apparently obtained with a bribe, from the Altos Hornos de México steel company, Alonso Enceira (AHMSA). The owner of the company had given it to buy Pemex. of the scrap plant Agronitrogenados, for which it has already requested the domain’s extinction.

The federation’s social representation on Monday sentenced Emilio Lozoya to 39 years in prison for alleged responsibility for the offenses of illegal origin, bribery and operating with criminal union’s resources for the bribery of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

He requested 15 years in prison for operating with resources of illegal origin; 14 for bribery and 10 more for criminal association.

Similarly, FGR also requested a 21-year prison sentence against Gilda Margarita Austin Solis, the mother of Emilio Lozoya, accused of crimes of illegal origin and operating with criminal association resources in the Odebrecht case.

pending, process against Mariel

FGR has pending prosecution of Lozoya’s wife, Marielle Helen X; His sister, Gilda Susanna Lozoya, as well as businesswoman Nellie Maritza Aguilera Concha, to close the clamp on the Odebrecht case.

The trio are wanted by Mexican courts for their alleged complicity in the transfer of more than $10 million in bribes received from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht between 2010 and 2014 in exchange for public works contracts over a six-year period. Former President Enrique Pea Nieto K.

FGR employees continue the investigation and tracking to locate Emilio Lozoya’s wife and sister, as well as Nellie Maritza Aguilera, to fulfill the arrest warrant, notifying the institution’s authorities.

In July 2019, a judge issued arrest warrants against Acace, Lozoya, and Aguilera for crimes of illegal origin, operating with criminal association resources, which are still in force, and Interpol ordered their searches in more than 190 countries. Issued a file for the location. ,

In August 2020, Emilio Lozoya asked FGR to withdraw from criminal proceedings against his wife and sister; However, he did not agree, hence the charges are applicable.

According to the investigation, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) documented bank transfers from companies and sales operations linked to former Pemex directors linked to his mother, Gilda Margarita Austin Solis, Gilda Lozoya, Marielle Helen X and Nelly Maritza Aguilera. Was connected. Oysters.

What happened to Maryle?

Marielle Helen Akes, wife of Emilio Lozoya, remains at large

In the case of Marielle Hélne X, the Attorney General’s office alleged that she received part of the bribes paid to her husband, Emilio Lozoya, from Odebrecht in his bank accounts, and it is believed that with that money she did a job at the Istapa Zihuatanejo. Acquired the residence, Guerrero, for $1.9 million.

Similarly, he has been accused of tax fraud for non-payment of taxes for 909 thousand 400 million pesos, despite the fact that he had received an income of 3 million 184 thousand 200 pesos in the financial year 2013.

Marielle is believed to be in Germany, the European country from which she is originally from. In February last year, she requested an emparo to avoid being arrested, but the judge did not grant her a temporary suspension because she had not requested it.

Meanwhile, FGR alleges that Gilda Susanna Lozoya Austin profited from her brother’s bribe by receiving $3.1 million, which was transferred to Latin America Asia Capital Holding Ltd., an innovation research company affiliated with Odebrecht, of which she is a shareholder and The beneficiaries were, between April and June 2012.

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Similarly, businesswoman Nellie Maritza Aguilera Concha is accused of receiving $1.2 million in a bank account in her name from Montreal Financial Institution, Canada in August 2013.

The money is said to have been used to buy the residence in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, which Aguilera Concha allegedly sold to the wife of Emilio Lozoya Austin for one million 900 thousand dollars.