Fight against enforced disappearance advances

Senator Ricardo Monreal continues with an account of the most important legislative activities of the last period of the sessions and through a video broadcast on his social network he mentions the approval of the Declaration to recognize the competence of the Committee against Forced Disappearance in Mexico .

In this sense, the legislator stressed that this is an important and fundamental act because it was possible to make many years of fighting a reality that would prevent a repeat of events such as Talatla, or Ayotzinapa.

Monreal explained that, with this, said body would be able to acknowledge and accept complaints about missing persons and make recommendations to the Mexican government not only to search for missing persons, but also to compensate the victims for damages. will be able to do.

It should be remembered that prior to the approval of this legal instrument, no family member, lawyer or friend of the victims could file a complaint or claim before this international organization, hence the fact that it was approved by the Senate, Important because as of 2019, the number of forced disappearances stood at 61,200.

Thus, with this device, families and friends of men and women who have disappeared, such as journalists, fighters, environmentalists or social leaders from different parts of the country, will be able to access justice.


revocation of mandate in the air

The federal government’s “serious” intention to mark the route of the budget application of the National Electoral Institute (INE) is a major violation of the Mexican democratic system, as it intends to economically strangle an autonomous body and create a The effort is to bow down and silence the voices of the dissidents, insisted by the organization’s first PAN representative, Victor Hugo Sondon.

He alleged that these “perverse” attempts to destroy the INE are coordinated between the federal government and its dependencies, in this case representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Public Debt, the Murray Party, its allies and its parliamentary constituents.

“It is no coincidence that one day and even the next their positions and positions are perfectly coordinated in the political agenda of violence against the electoral authority,” Sondon said.

Following the presentation of a proposal for austerity exercise given yesterday at the INE, the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Moreno Extraction uploaded a video to his social network where he condemned the benefits and working conditions, not 11 electoral councillors. , but only from the Presidential Counselors, Lorenzo Cordova and Ciro Murayama.

Sondon details the federal government’s proposal with which it anticipates savings of two thousand 972 million pesos across three items: wages and salaries, with adjustments for 718.8 million pesos; One thousand 384.5 million pesos in operating expenses and 868.7 million pesos for trusts is an interventionist proposal that is far from the reality that INE has.

However, the rate at which this is going on, the revocation of the mandate will have to be consulted. The federal government insists on charging the dead to the INE, while the institution does its best to defend itself against the barrage of bots emanating from the homes of the morning.

Even more flawless is the austerity plan presented yesterday by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Administration. The only thing missing was that they asked the INE staff not to ask for avocado or lemon in their food as they are too expensive.

All in all and with a recommendation that was seen as an order, INE submitted its proposal for a budget increase of 1,738 million pesos to the Ministry of Finance yesterday. And while they pack the pack on Lorenzo Cordova and company, the government refuses to touch or suggest political parties’ multimillion-dollar budgets.


Ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework on disability is an issue that needs urgent attention, as the rights of this segment of the population remain a dead letter, due to little interest in enforcing the law, said federal deputy Yolanda. De la Torre Valdez of the Parliamentary Group of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (GPPRI).

In this LXV legislature to focus on vulnerable groups, the member of the commission asked the Congress of the Union to implement the necessary measures so that the law relating to persons with disabilities could be enforced.

In addition, the Durango legislator issued an appeal to the Federal Executive and Welfare Secretariat to report on the process for the appointment of the head of the National Council for the Development and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS), and the Integration of Assembly Advisor; Similarly, the state of preparation of the National Program for the Development and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.


Nearly 4 weeks after the baseless arrest of José Manuel del Río Virgen in Veracruz, the epicenter of human rights violations and the creation of crimes against political opponents or ordinary citizens who are exonerated by the police, flows unchecked.

In that state integrated the Special Multi-Party Commission to Investigate These Crimes, its chairman, Dante Delgado, does not stop receiving reports and files of these violations.

With Morenista Eduardo Ramírez, chairman of the Commission on Constitutional Points; by the PAN Senator from Veracruz Julen Rementería; by Tlaxcalan and former PRI President, Beatriz Paredes; by Raul Bolaos, from PVEM; by Miguel Angel Manseira for PRD; And from PES to Sasil de León, Senator Dante Delgado, the former governor of Veracruz and leader of the MC, pointed out yesterday that new cases are added every day. This flow of files opens up a method used by the police and others from the judiciary, which would be:

The police arrest the victims and send an agent from the Public Ministry, who in turn sends their victims to a judge. This is where the ordeal begins.

If the detainees do not distribute the amount required by the police to dismiss the complaint made by them, they continue with the consignment process regardless of the fact that there is no evidence of the offense allegedly committed.

Such was the case of Federal Deputy Rogelio Franco Castán, an elected federal deputy of the PRD, who was initially arrested 10 months earlier in the judicial district of Tucpan, Veracruz, for the offense of resentment against the authority against public safety institutions.

Then, as if by magic, “other crimes” appeared. Another for extortion and abuse of authority—this against the administration of justice, in the district of Jalpa—and then a third offense for similar embezzlement.

The commission, headed by Dante Delgado, has already received complaints about at least 50 cases of abuse of authority. Faced with this sewer, the Morenista governor of Veracruz Cuitlahuac García “accepted” the recommendation of the CNDH to initiate a process to repeal the offense of indignation against the authority. In that shape, violence is unleashed against those protesting in Veracruz, pointing out the excesses of the Jarocho government.