Five great bands and musicians from the Midlands you need to see

Ever since the lockdown ended, many of us have found that we have fallen in love with a night out at a club.

But maybe what we really need is a reasonably good gig and an artist who can soundtrack our new found freedom—if that’s what this piece has you covered.

Sometimes we get so focused on what’s on the charts that we forget what music we have at our doorstep.

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From metal to indie, to pop, here’s our guide to who’s most popular in music right now — and the best part is, they’re all local.

So why not show your support by coming to a local venue?

Janelle Antonesia

Janelle Antonesia, made popular by ITV’s The Voice

Janelle Antonacea is a Jamaican-born singer and songwriter who lives in the West Midlands.

You may recognize her from ITV’s The Voice, as she appeared on the show in 2021 and made it to the semifinals alongside Will. After not passing it before the blind audition in 2018.

Her voice is distinctive and mesmerizing, composed of an amalgamation of soul, gospel, reggae and modern R&B.

Learn more about him Here,


Local band DXWNSIDES performing live
Local band DXWNSIDES performing live

Dxwnsides is a Broome-based melodic hardcore rock band that formed in 2017. His sound contrasts scorching guitars with screaming vocals and soft vocals and delicate melodies.

Five-Piece released their debut album, “I’ll Never Be Enough,” earlier this year, which explores themes of love, loss, anger and addiction.

Ever since they formed, they have earned a loyal following of fans and supporters and if you are into heavy music, you need to make sure you are one of them.

The group will tour in January 2022 – stopping in Birmingham on 23 January.

get more information Here,


Indie band Chartres captured by Pune Ghana
Indie band Chartres captured by Pune Ghana

Black Country based Chartres are an indie quartet who were close friends before the band’s arrival. Their music is warm and moody – the perfect soundtrack for the colder months.

His EP ‘Is It Already Autumn?’ was released in November and features bass guitar consisting of funk and soul.

If you are going on a winter road trip or planning a casual day out, this record will be your perfect companion.

For more information about the group, visit Here,


'Metal Band Captured by Harriet Harry Steele' Harry Steele - Hold Tight Company.
‘Metal Band Harriet Captured by Harry Steele’ – Harry Steele – Hold Tight Company.

If you’re into metal, allow us to introduce you to a band that will blow you away. HERIOT combines industrial, aggressive instruments with mermaid-like vocals.

His music has caught the attention of Kerrang! Rocksound and Radio 1 and their vocalist and lead guitarist, Debbie Gough, are based in the West Midlands.

The quartet recently traveled the country on tour and are growing their loyal fan base day by day, so jump in there before you fly!

More about the band Here,


Birmingham Band Jaws for the Mail 1 December 2017
Birmingham Band Jaws for the Mail 1 December 2017

The Jaws are an indie band that formed in 2012 when vocalist Conor Schofield posted a demo online, which received a wave of positive response, prompting him to start a band with friends from Hellesoven College.

He has since had over 78,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and three albums.

If you like sparkling guitars and resonant vocals then they are the band for you.

their website is Here,

Anyone else who do you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments below.

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