Football fan spends £10,000 on a collection of replica kits

A Portsmouth football fan has amassed a collection of over 400 football shirts – worth over £10,000.

Antonio Massari, 35, wears a different kit every day and shirt in more than 100 different countries around the world.

Antonio, whose ever-expanding collection spans from national teams to obscure local clubs, is currently striving to wear a different football top every day for an entire year as he travels the world.

Milan-born Antonio is halfway through the challenge, which will end in July, and is eager to change the notion of football shirts, which he insists can be “beautiful, sometimes even elegant”. and are not just for sports.

He said: “I love football but I love football shirts more than sports. A lot of people hoard shirts but what they don’t do is wear them – I want to change that.

“I have over 400 and I’ve visited over 90 countries in my life to pick them up. Now I have so many that it’s hard to find shirts for a team that I don’t already have!”

Antonio began collecting football shirts as a child when he received them for birthdays and Christmas, and continued to expand his collection as an adult.

He also supports his parent team Inter Milan as well as Portsmouth, who moved to the city in 2008 but have shirts from around the world.

Antonio has spent over £10,000 collecting shirts from various locations.

He gets them in different ways, buys some and picks up other unique ones in charity shops – in over 100 different countries.

The collector set a goal of wearing several of his shirts every day for a year, starting last July.

And she’s wearing a different one every day, no matter what the occasion.

Antonio said: “I promised myself that wherever I go or what I do, I will wear it. It can be tough sometimes – if I go anywhere to travel, I have to wear a new shirt every day. Have to take

“Too many shirts means there’s not much room left for my jeans, jumpers, or underwear!”

Antonio even wore one on Christmas Day – a 2009 shirt for the Wales national team.

He has over 400 shirts in his ever-growing collection, which are stored in his part-time home in Milan.

But the committed Antonio is always on the lookout for more shirts – and has been in 12 countries since July 2021 on a mission to find more.

He said that while he gets the most from stores, he has had some more unusual experiences – including bribing a cleaner in the Maldives to pinch one off the club’s dressing room.

But he said his challenge is more than just liking football – it’s about “changing perceptions” of the shirt.

Antonio, who has sold pasta, worked in schools and for IBM, explained: “I think they’re beautiful, colorful — sometimes even elegant.

Portsmouth’s Antonio insists that shirts can be ‘beautiful, sometimes even elegant’.

“You often see people wearing basketball vests from different countries, but why don’t you see people wearing soccer shirts from different countries?

“They represent a country, or a city, or a range of people – they all have different meanings.”

Now more than halfway through his year-long challenge, Antonio has every intention of making it through July.

He said: “I take a picture every day, but it’s not just about taking a picture. It’s about wearing the shirt.

“I normally haven’t overpaid for my shirts. I paid around £70 max for a pair of shirts I bought at team shops. Now I will pay no more than £30-£40 on average “

He said: “I think football’s tops are too high and I’m a bit of a cheapskate collector these days. I’m fond of budgeting.”

While he loves all of his shirts, Antonio admitted that his least favorite is the one people might not expect – an iconic Real Madrid shirt emblazoned with ‘Ronaldo’ and the number seven.

He added: “There is nothing wrong with the kit, the team or the player.

“It’s a kit of perhaps the most successful team in history, and one of the greatest of all time.

“But it’s so common, it’s a little cliche — you can find shirts literally everywhere in the world. I prefer the more obscure and unusual ones.”

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