Free and Without Punishment, 17 Duartistas

chihuahuaAccording to the information provided, a total of 17 Duartistas, who have been integrated into the investigative folder called Operation Justice for Chihuahua (initiated in the administration of former governor Javier Corral), are independent and the crimes they have been charged with, without receiving any punishment for them. By the Transparency Unit of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJE) of the State of Chihuahua in official letter No. 320/2021.

One more person to be added, this is Gerardo VM, a former finance ministry official who has submitted five criminal cases since 2017 but is yet to be convicted, may be released on January 18.

Former prosecuted officers who are freed who have not been punished for the crimes they were charged with are Jaime Agustin FR, Jess Manuel EF, Guadalupe MA, Sergio MI, Edmondo Felipe GL, Marcelo GT, Myra UA, Armando VA, Pedro Molly R. Choudhury, Otto VB, Christopher JB, Jesus Alberto ZP, Jorge RA, Eduardo EG, Raymundo RM, Diogenes BV, and Fernando UR

According to the document given by the Judicial Power of the State of Chihuahua, an appellate decision was presented in two cases, namely, a challenge on the part of the state government to the decision issued by the judge, which corresponded to Antonio Enrique TG and Alejandro Is. GG

According to this report submitted by TSJE, 948 million 131 thousand 960.90 pesos was paid on 8 ex-duartists and 2 businessmen to compensate the loss caused to the state government, besides, as a fine, an amount of one million 647 thousand 672.51 pesos.

The former Secretary of Communications and Public Works, Javier Alfonso GP, was the one who was charged 328 million 689 thousand 665.48 pesos as compensation for damages with the highest amount, in addition to a fine of 435 thousand 515 pesos and a sentence of 3 years . In jail, for authorizing the sale of 16 plots of land.

Ricardo YH, former Secretary of Education and Sport, and Carla Areli JB, a former employee of the same agency, were sentenced to 4 and 3 years in prison, respectively, both of whom received damages of 246 million pesos. have to pay; In addition, Ricciardo was fined 504,180 pesos and Carla 280,35 pesos for diversion of resources for the PRI’s CEN.

He is followed by businessman Germaine Elci, who was sentenced to 2 years 6 months in prison and 3 years in the second case; 120 million pesos was paid to compensate for the loss and in the second case, an amount of one lakh 566 thousand pesos was demanded from him in addition to a fine of 21 thousand 906.25 pesos and 31 thousand 885 pesos. The offense of percolation.

Former Director General of Administration and Finance of the Superior State Audit Office, dgar Umar RM, received two sentences for serious embezzlement: one to 2 years 11 months in prison, 5 million 475 thousand 200 pesos paid as damage repair went. and sentenced to a fine of 211 thousand pesos, 2 years 8 months in prison for another, 542 thousand 182.40 pesos to compensate for damages and a fine of 16 thousand 388.26 pesos.

Martha Patricia Bibi, former director of the Chihuahua State Educational Services, received two sentences of 2 years 8 months each for diverting public resources from the state; In one sentence he was fined 2.2 million pesos and 6,161 pesos to repair the damage, and on the other he was asked to pay a fine of 560 thousand pesos and 3 thousand 652 pesos to repair the damage.

Businessman Ivan Eli SJ, and Fernando Mariano RR, a former local deputy, were sentenced to 3 years in prison, in addition to payment for the diversion in the amount of 2.42 million pesos and 36 thousand 520 pesos to repair the damage. of resources.

Jess Manuel LH, a former private secretary to former governor C├ęsar DeJ, received a sentence of 2 years in prison, 154,113.02 pesos and a fine of 27,390 pesos to compensate for damages for authorizing flight in a state-owned aircraft.

Eric Manuel Ha, a former official of the General Directorate of Investment Programs of the State Treasury, was sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of 36,520 pesos for interfering with the offense of embezzlement aggravated by the diversion of 2,420 thousand. peso

In this context, the State Finance Ministry’s Transparency Unit, in response to folio 08014242100151 (in which the Chihuahua State Government was able to recover damages done and where these resources were applied) was requested. He said he was not competent to know and attend to the request, so he suggested and went to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

With regard to FGE, in its official letter No. FGE-4C.5 / 1/2/925 it indicates that in paragraph 4 of Annex No. 80 published in the Official State Newspaper (POE) No. 80 of Saturday, October 176/2019 has been set up. 5, 2019, the administration and application of the resources that make up the Legacy of Justice Repair Fund for the Chihuahua is matched by the Ministry of Finance, to which it is the agency which, where appropriate, is entitled to report on the application of the amount recovered.