Funeral of nine-year-old daughter of Welsh rugby boss held after tragic death over Christmas

The nine-year-old daughter of the Welsh rugby club legend has been cremated after her long battle with brain cancer.

Freya Bevan, daughter of Swansea RFC team manager John-Paul and his wife Cath, died just two days after Christmas.

She was first diagnosed two months before her second birthday, with a new growth discovered years later.

Her parents previously said: “We are blessed and proud to be chosen as your parents, but our pain will never heal until you are in our arms.”

People line the streets of Neath, where Freya was from, and Britton Ferry, during a funeral procession ahead of service at Margam crematorium on Saturday, January 8 Was told to wear

A wreath tribute that has “Freya” written next to her coffin

He was diagnosed with a primitive neuroectodermal (PNET) in just 22 months in May 2014, after which Freya underwent two major brain surgeries, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Less than a year later in February 2015, she along with her family traveled to Oklahoma, USA for specialist proton beam therapy treatment.

More than five years passed before a routine scan in October 2020 revealed the growth of a new tumor in Freya’s brain. It nearly quadrupled in size about two months later, and she had further surgery on December 31, 2020 – lasting nine hours.

The plan was to return to the US for more proton beam therapy, with Freya’s family and friends raising thousands to help with the cost of the treatment, but her parents posted the devastating news that she had died on Monday 27 December. .

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Nine-year-old Freya Bevan, who died in December after being diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014

Donations to fund Freya’s treatment were coming from Wales and beyond, including at Swansea RFC, where dad ‘JP’ is an important figure.

Swansea RFC wrote on Saturday: “She may have been small, but her impact was anything but.

“On this extremely difficult day, the boys will wear pink bows on their jerseys in celebration and as a tribute to Freya. We always keep JP, Kath and the entire Bevan family in our thoughts.”

The club previously stated: “Freya was known to many people who had never met her, as extensive fundraisers were active in many different communities, including the rugby community. Brain cancer at such a young age His diagnosis and extended treatment for the disease affected many hearts and took affirmative action along with much affection and sympathy to help the family.

“JP, as Swansea RFC team manager, will know that the rugby community in St. Helen and beyond has always rooted for its brave little girl. We are saddened to hear that Freya has lost the battle with her illness, although she has Have won many hearts and we all must be thinking of the family at this time and hope their hearts rest in peace.”

0 Hundreds of people lined the street to say their last goodbye to Freya Bevan in Neath Abbey Wales
mourners took to the streets to pay tribute

In a heartfelt tribute posted on Freya Bevan and her fight Announcing her death on the Facebook page, her parents said: “Our hearts are utterly broken, as we share the news with you, Heaven has received the sweetest and most beautiful warrior ever Is.

“Our brave, beautiful, precious Freya has now been cured of cancer and is receiving a great searing in heaven from her beloved great-grandmother.

“No more blows, or bullets, or hospital visits, now you are free our beautiful angel.

“A lifetime with you is never long enough, but you were too pure and precious to this cruel world.

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Neith Port Talbot’s Freya Bevan had an aggressive form of brain cancer. He photographed with his mother Kath Bevani

“Still blinded by tears, we want you, as Freya’s supporters, to know how much continued support you have given us as a family over the past 8 years, not just once, but twice for our baby girl.” bar for helping us with the fundraising.. With that help we really believe we had more precious time with him. So thank you all.

“We now need time to grieve our precious daughter, while somehow trying to figure out how we can go on without her when all the shapes of Freya disappear from our hearts.

“But Freya, we promise you, that when we’re strong, we’ll honor you and your name, and help kids fight brain cancer, never the way you wanted, your name our sweet girl will be forgotten.

“The tears won’t stop flowing but the pain of our grief is a testament to how much we love you and always will be. You are the love of our lives, and I ache for the day that I see your beautiful face again.” I see from you the best child in every possible way.

“Freya Marie Bevan. Forever 9. Forever Loved.”