Gaelic football round-up: Derry sees Fermanagh to set up McKenna Cup semi-final with Donegal

Derry will play Donegal in the semi-finals of the Dr. McKenna Cup on Tuesday night, following a four-point win over Fermanagh in Roslie.

Ori Gallagher’s accusations held the upper hand throughout the competition, although Sean Quigley’s 61scheduled tribe The minute goal closed the gap back to one point.

Derry, however, eliminated the strong sides as they pulled away again to win four.

Young attacker Matthew Downey was the forward for the Oak Leaf side and showed good accuracy from placed balls, making three free landings in the opening quarter, while Ciaran McFall was denied under the crossbar as the away side went 0-4. 0 was led. -1 on water break.

Fermanagh responded with points from Brandon Horan and Quigley, but with Conor Doherty, Emmett Bradley and Paul Cassidy, Derry went on hiatus to lead 0–10 to 0–6.

The gap remained on four points to go into the final quarter, but Fermanagh was given hope when Quigley produced a composed finish to drop one between the sides.

However, Arnemann lost by black card to Ken Connor and Derry scored four of the last five to win 0–17 1–10.

Scorers: Fermanagh: S Quigley 1-5 (4f, 1m), A Breen 0-2, B Horan 0-1, D McGurn 0-1 (m), T Bog 0-1

Derry: M Downey 0-7 (5f), E Bradley 0-3 (2f), C Doherty 0-2, E Downey 0-2 (1f), P Cassidy 0-1, B Heron 0-1, L Murray 0 -One

Farmanagh: S. McNally; L. Flanagan, G. Cavanagh, D. McCusker; A. Breen, J. McMahon, J. Largo Ellis; Dee McGurn, J McDade; C Corrigan, R Leon, D Leonard; B. Horan, T. Bogue, S. Quigley

Subscribers – Kay Connor for Lyons, L. McStrawick for Corrigan, R. O’Callaghan for Bogue

Derry: Hey Lynch; C McCluskey, P McGrogan, S Downey; C Doherty, G McKinless, M McAvoy; C McFall, E Bradley; E Doherty, P Cassidy, M Downey; B Heron, L Murray, Ann Loughlin

Members – Ann Toner for E. Doherty, E. Downey for Loughlin, D. Cassidy for McFall, A. Tohill for C. Doherty, S. Hevron for Heron

Laos 2-14 Wicklow 1-11

Laos’ bench proved crucial at Cretard on Saturday as a 2-2 substitute in the closing 10 minutes fired Laos to a six-point win over Wicklow.

Evan O’Carroll and Sean Moore both flagged with Moore’s goal on 60 minutes when the sides were level.

After losing by three points after 30 minutes, Billy Sheehan’s men took a one-point lead at the break on the final four of the opening half before kicking off to seal the win in the final quarter.

The opening half was tight. Both sides were on the offensive, but could not separate at the first water break with a score of 0-5.

Level again with six minutes left in the half, Wicklow scored with Darragh Fitzpatrick for the goal to thump the ball over the net to Rory Stokes to give them a 1-7 0-7 lead.

Laos then responded with a score in the last four of the half, the pick from Cormac Murphy to lead in the opening half – from 0-11 to 1-7.

Level with 10 minutes to go, Wicklow wasted opportunities in the forward pull, but as both sides emptied the bench, the home side had more firepower with Mark Barry, as well as O’Carroll and Two late points were kicking off the bench to add to Moore’s goals.

Scorers for Laos: G Walsh 0-4 (0-3f), R Munelli 0-3 (0-1 points), E O’Carroll and S Moore 1-0 each, P Kingston and M Barry 0-2 each, B Daly, C Murphy and E Lowry 0-1 each.

Scorers for Wicklow: R Stokes 1-0, M Kenny 0-3 (0-1 F), K Quinn and E Darcy (0-1 F) 0-2 each, E Murtagh, A Maher, M Jackson (free) and Dee Fitzgerald 0-1 each.

Laos: M Byron; C Ugochuku, T Collins, A Mohan; C Fennessy, A. Farrell, C. Brennan; K Lillis, B. Daly; C Murphy, P Kingston, D O’Reilly; R Munelli, E Lori G Walsh. Members: Jay Kelly for T. Collins, A Campion for C. Brennan, Jay Finn for K. Lillis, B. Byron (all H/T) for D. O’Reilly, C. Murphy for C. Doyle (47), G. Walsh’s S Moore for P B Daly, E O’Carroll (all 53) for R Munelli, S O’Flynn (60) for C Fennessy, M Barrie (63) for P Kingston.

Wicklow: M. Jackson; T Moran, M Stone, E Murtagh; A Maher, Z. Cullen, N. Donnelly; De Healy, P O’Toole; C Maguire, M Kenny, D Fitzgerald; E Darcy, K Quinn, R Stokes. Members: J Snell for T Moran, C Byron for R Stokes (both H/T), P Cunningham (44) for E Darcy, F O’Shea (53) for J Cullen, O Cullen for D Fitzgerald (62), Fogarty for G. P. O’Toole, JP Hurley for C. Maguire (both 65), S. O’Dowd for M. Stone (69)

Referee: Lee Moore (Kildare)

Offley 0-15 Louth 2-6

Offley defeated Louth in an emotional day at Ardy. McNamee’s cousins ​​Niall and Rueri scored four points each in a commanding performance at the end of a long week for the loyal county.

Before the tie began, a touching tribute to Ashling Murphy followed respectfully. With neither side wearing the number 23 jersey that day, a minute’s silence was followed by the wreath-laying where the two sets of players were intertwined and then the game came to a halt in the 23rd minute.

Perhaps there was a change in the opening quarter, which resulted in both sides being flat and flawed. Niall McNamee, the evergreen attacker who played a minor at the same Ardi ground 19 years ago, opened the scoring.

Captain Ciaran Byrne shone with excellent points on the day and Loth equalized through Ryan Burns after the water break in the first half, but Offley relied on McNamee to make him 0-6 to 0-4 at half time. Gave an edge

Louth scored two goals in the second half from Leonard Gray and Ryan Burns but never took the lead in the game. With Niall McNamee sinning at the start, Offley relied on Rurie McNamee’s introduction to see the visitors on the line.

Scorers – Louth: R Burns 1-2(1f, 1m), El Gray 1-0, C Byrne 0-2, T McEnany (f), D Campbell 0-1 each, Offley: R McNamee and N McNamee (3f) ) 0-4 each, B. Allen (2f) and Dee Hyland (2f) 0-2 each, P. Dunican (’45), I. Duffy (f) and J. Darcy 0-1 each

LOUTH: M McEnany; D. Corcoran, D. Campbell, D. McKennie; C Faulkner, S Healy, L Grey; C Early, B Duffy; Ann Sharkey, O McGuinness, C McKeever; De Neely, C Byrne, R Burns. Sub: C Fleming for McGuinness (45), T Durnin (45) for Duffy, C Clark for Gray (52), T McEnany for Healy (52), E Moore for Burns (58), Moore for TJ Doheny (66).

Offley: P Dunican; C. Donnelly, K. Dolan, N. Darby; R Egan, J Moloney, J O’Connor; M Tynan, A. Levy; B. Carroll, D. Hyland, C. Mangan; J Bryant, Ann McNamee, B Allen. Sub: Jay Darcy (18) for Bryant, A. Sullivan (22) for Carroll, C. Donoghue (HT) for M. Tynan, R. McNamee (49) for Hyland, M. Abbott (50) for Allen, Moloney K. C. Donohoe (52), J. Hayes for Levi (52), D. Egan for Mangan (55), C. Burns for Donnelly (55), L. E. E. for Darcy (55), I. Duffy for Dunicon (57), D. Molloy for Ann. McNamee.

Referee: De Byrne (Wicklow)