García Cabeza de Vaca oversees registration for cross-border COVID vaccination

Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Veca Supervised the work of one of the registration modules for the cross-border vaccination program, which provides for the application 200 thousand vaccines against COVID-19 for teachers, adults and children over 12 years old, who will be transferred to the North American territory to receive vaccinations without a visa by the government of Tamaulipas.

On a working tour of the Tamaulipas border, the President explained that it was thanks to the program Management, coordination and communication with American elders and judges, who supported the management carried out by the Tamaulipas government.

“It’s a management that we have made on behalf of the state government, which has a good relationship with Texas Valley Seniors, with the judges who agreed to help us with 200 thousand vaccines, this Will allow those who need vaccinationThey move, they don’t need visas, they’re going to put buses, which the state government is going to put in, there’s also a module for women teachers, for teachers, I know there are lots of restlessness For you, because you have the support of the government of Tamaulipas,” said Francisco García Cabeza de Veca.

The logistics of implementing cross-border vaccinations include Registration and Scheduling To transport applicants by state-provided buses; pfizer vaccine It will be enforced at the Tamaulipas borders with the United States and will not require Visa to be a beneficiary. expected to be 24 January When transfers are made with due regard and respect strict hygiene protocol issued by health authorities.

“It is because we are all vaccinatedCoronavirus, Micron is very strong, we also ask you to continue to take care of yourself, follow the hygiene protocol, social distancing, use of face masks, washing hands, but above all we want to save lives; we will continue to arrange To see if we can get more vaccines to be able to vaccinate the largest number of Tamaulipas and Tamaulipas in all Tamaulipas,” he said.

How to locate the registration module for COVID vaccination?

The state government has set up registration modules in the municipalities Reynosa, Rio Bravo and Matamoroso and will be operational from January 10 to 14, for any information the population of the entire state can be informed on numbers 8341078361, 834 1078117, 8341078365 and 834 107 8372 Or visit the registry offices in Reynosa at the Wellbeing and Peace Center, located at 20 de Novimbre Street along the neighborhood United Nations Bypass. achilles sardani, In Matamoros, at the Center for Wellbeing and Peace on Puerto Arista della Palmares de las Brisas Subdivision, and at the Center for Wellness and Peace on Calle Asteroids in the Agapito Cepeda neighborhood, in Rio Bravo.

García Cabeza de Veca meets with nurses

As part of his work tour, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vecas meet with nursing staff In recognition of their professionalism and dedication to the frontline health sector covid-19 pandemic, He also inaugurated the construction of a massive laboratory at the Technical University of Matamoros, which will serve to train and enhance the competitiveness of the students.

In support of the impeachment penal system of the State Supreme Court, 2 furnished court rooms inaugurated which have been added to 37 running across the state; Also given social support in various areas of Matamoros and surrounding areas buffer target The effect of inflation on the basic basket of products.

Inaugurated by Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Veca paving work, sidewalks, garrison, public lighting in the streets of Matamoros and in the streets of Rio Guayalejo and Rio San Marcos Colonia Campestre del Rio Francisco I. Madero from the Madero neighborhood, Brecha 120 and Highway 82 in the municipality of Valle Hermoso.