Gardaí Identification of a new person of interest

Gardai, who is investigating the murder of Ashling Murphy, has identified a man of interest in the case and is waiting to speak to him after he has been treated for multiple injuries.

The Irish Times understands that the man has been treated in a hospital in the east of the country and detectives plan to speak to the man while he is in interview position. The man was undergoing treatment at the hospital on Friday, although his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. While they waited to speak to him, he was being monitored by the guards.

Gardai, who is investigating the murder, believes he now has vital forensic evidence he can crosscheck against any suspects he has identified in the coming days and weeks. Garda sources expressed confidence about the progress in the investigation over the past 24 hours, despite the arrest and subsequent release of a Gardaí man, who has said he had no involvement in the crime and was left out of the investigation. .

Sources in Garda said members of the public are contacting the investigative team to assist with the investigation into the murder of Ms. Murphy on the outskirts of Tullamore, Co., on Wednesday afternoon.

The same sources said a lot of valuable evidence was collected and corroborated on Thursday and the arrested man was completely cleared out of the investigation.

A Garda source described the public perception as “false” that the first days of the investigation were doomed as much significant progress had been made, particularly with forensic evidence and other objects found by Garda.

A key feature of the investigation now focuses on the forensic evidence left at the murder scene and the origins of the Falcon mountain bikes found by officers. Gardai believes that some people in Tullamore know who owns the bike and that CCTV footage collected from around Tullamore was being studied to identify the bike and the person using it.

Photograph: En Garda Siochana

Gardai, who is investigating, believes the bike – a Falcon Storm mountain bike with yellow and green forks – may be linked to the murder. If not, they need to eliminate the bike and its owner from their investigation. However, detectives suspect the bike is linked to the murder of Blueball, a 23-year-old National School teacher from Tullamore.

The crime scene at Boland’s Lock, Capincur on the Grand Canal Towpath, about 3km east of Tullamore, was closed on Friday and forensic investigations were still underway. The clothes Ms Murphy was wearing have also been examined.

The bike is in the possession of Gardai and has not been recovered from the canal. When it was found, it was dry and it was forensic examination.

everything is possible

Taoiseach Michael Martin has stated that the Gardai are “doing everything they possibly can” and are using all their resources to find the man responsible for the deadly attack on Ashling Murphy.