Gas payment terms to the affected

The result of the expert report on the explosion in the El Barriel neighborhood, which killed one woman and injured four people – three of them seriously – as well as the total damage to at least four homes, establishes that the cause There was a leak in the normal natural gas network.

The expert opinion was prepared by the state attorney general’s office, and is already in the hands of those affected and their attorneys.

However, three months after the accident, the prosecutor’s office did not officially report the result despite requests for information, while the director of municipal civil defence, Roberto Briones Mota, indicated that the agency could not provide details under his charge. Maybe they work in the investigation folder of that state authority.

Some residents of the place noted that the Gas Naturale del Norte company began to pay for the damage caused to the houses, but under the condition that the information was not disseminated to the media, to which lawyers for the affected families stated that be unable to make a statement.

The family of Ada Ofir Hurtado Reyes, the woman who lost her life and whose children remain in a hospital in Galveston, Texas, due to burns, have not yet received support or contact with the company, Ada’s Christian Hernandez said. Said brother.

The incident occurred consistently on the morning of 7 October, i.e. at two houses located in Uruguay and on the streets of 20 November, both with a difference of seconds on different sides of the road.

One of them included 31-year-old Ada, along with her three children aged 15, 11 and 9, who had first, second and third degree burns to 60 percent of their bodies; In another home, as was reported at the time, Carla Yesenia Valdiviso Guillen suffered first- and second-degree burns in her legs and groin.

Ada Ophir died on October 22 at the Chihuahua City Hospital where she was transferred; His family reported that the three minors were taken to Galveston, Texas, supported by the Shriners and the Mitchau and Maui Organization, because their health condition was critical and they were intubated.

Neighbors mentioned that when the incident happened, they first felt the floor shake and exploded soon after, besides noticing that the fire erupted from the ground for which they attributed the gas natural company and mentioned It said that before the incident, two other explosions in June and August had already been recorded, causing damage to two other homes and injuring at least one other person.

According to the document issued by the Directorate of Expert Services and Forensic Science on the Consequences of the Expert Opinion, the event was classified as a chemical explosion caused by fuel, deflation is natural gas, subtype is flammable gas, deflation is network The usual natural gas source, the source was a stove (ie, the time it was lit), the reason was incidental and the technical responsibility rests with the natural gas distribution company.

Christian Hernandez said his nephews are in Galveston Hospital, one of them having had 10 surgeries, another eight and another four and that although he is out of danger, his health is still critical due to burns.

Ada also had an immediate caesarean section, so she gave birth to a premature baby, which she didn’t know about.

Hernandez said the company hasn’t contacted him yet, but he doesn’t know if other people have already been paid to repair the damage.

The newspaper visited the place and although the houses which were completely damaged had no tenants, other neighbors mentioned that they had knowledge that the company paid different amounts to those people, who had suffered material damage.

Although an attempt was made to set up an interview about this fact with representatives of the Gas Natural del Norte company, the request was not answered.