Gimmicks won’t solve the cost of life crisis plaguing Black Country families – Red Wall Tory MP

A Red Wall lawmaker insisted that long-term solutions to the energy crisis, which has pushed up household bills, are more important than a quick “gimmick”.

With thousands of struggling families in the West Midlands facing a potential cost of living this winter, energy bills are set to rise further at a time when inflation has driven up food prices.

Experts say that petrol prices are also higher than they should be, families are being beaten up in every way.

Struggling families facing livelihood crisis urged to take action now

Some Conservative lawmakers have begun to question the government’s approach and call for action to support the poorest.

And the so-called red-walled Tory MPs in the Midlands and North, who were elected in 2019 to seats that were previously comfortably held by Labor, many of them in disadvantaged areas, now with a resurgent Labor, in the next election You can find yourself weak. Elections ahead after a disastrous few months for the government.

A recent study has suggested that Labor may be on course to rebuild the Red Wall that collapsed two years ago.

One of those Conservative MPs, Sean Bailey, who represents West Bromwich West, claimed Labor was taking a “reactionary approach” rather than thinking long term.

Wholesale gas prices have pushed up energy bills, with another big increase due to hit homes in April.

Boris Johnson has been urged by Labor to cut VAT on bills to help families, at a time when tax hikes are about to take a hit.

But Mr. Bailey said: “We have found a way to hold onto the national gas supply. There’s no doubt it’s affecting everyone, but we have to find long-term solutions.”

Sean Bailey was elected to the Tories in 2019

He said the nationalization of energy – a previous Labor policy under Jeremy Corbyn, which Keir Starmer has since dismissed – was not the way forward, adding: “We need to do something to get the markets on board We need to put a hold on the supply side of this and I am sure the government will hold onto it.

“It’s important that the solution is long-term. We don’t want to see short-term gimmicks, we want long-term change.”

He added: “I won’t say anything in advance about what the government should do. We need to see what’s on the table.”

Walsall Housing Group, which manages the city’s housing stock on behalf of the council, this week urged money-worrying tenants to seek help now, citing “rising energy and living costs”.

Black country food banks have already reported a surge in demand, amid warnings of charities that the worst-hit families could be left struggling to keep food on the table.

The government was heavily criticized last year for removing the £20-a-week Universal Credit ‘uplift’ that helped the poorest families manage during the pandemic, and renewed calls to reinstate it Returns.

Mr Bailey said he was fully aware of the difficult situation some constituents of West Bromwich find themselves in and insisted that his objective is to remain in Parliament beyond the next election, with the long-term prospects for his constituents personal. more important than ambition. ,

He said: “I am fully aware of the struggles of people in my community, who themselves live through them.

“I want to get a better deal for my constituents and see an improvement in their standard of living, whether there is a choice or not.

“We are here to improve the lives of components and I have spent two and a half years doing what Labor has done here for the past 50 years.”

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