Government school teachers ‘report more staff absenteeism than private school peers’


A survey shows that Tate school teachers are almost twice as likely than private school colleagues to report high staff absenteeism due to COVID-19.

Staff absenteeism is more pronounced in the most disadvantaged state schools across England, according to the Sutton Trust report.

The survey found that nearly a quarter of teachers said they have created material to support distance learning amid the disruption in the past week.

Many children who need to learn at home because they are isolated still struggle to access laptops or tablets to learn, the report suggests.

The social mobility charity is calling on the government to urgently ensure that all students have access to a tool for distance learning – and that schools have enough money to pay cover for absent staff.

A survey of nearly 7,000 teachers in schools across England shows that state school teachers are more likely to report that at least 10% of their peers are currently due to COVID-19 (20% vs 12%) were closed.

Teachers in the most disadvantaged state schools were nearly three times more likely than teachers in private schools to report that one in 10 or more of their peers was absent due to COVID-19 (29% versus 12%).

The survey found that 8% of all teachers said that more than one class was being taught simultaneously due to lack of staff, and 8% said that lack of access to lateral flow or PCR tests resulted in staff coming in. were unable to.

Sir Peter Lampel, founder and chairman of the Sutton Trust , bp mean

Sir Peter Lampel, founder and chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “While most children are now back in school, disruption to schools affected by the absence of staff related to COVID continues.”

He added: “We must do everything possible to ensure that poor students do not suffer further as a result of this disruption.