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Special Back to Hogwarts. a production of hbo max, The 20th anniversary of the premiere of the first film brought together a large part of the cast of the Harry Potter saga.

Actors, producers and directors were invited to this great ‘party’, in which dozens of unknown stories and some unpublished stories were told in the open voice of the participants.

Of the anecdotes that surprised the potters the most, the one they shared Emma Watson, (Hermione Granger) who claimed to have fallen in love with Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) Almost from the start of filming.

Watson recalled the excitement of finding out that he would share call-in sessions with Felton and detailed the moment in which that budding ‘love’ began.

This happened when, in a class, he was assigned to draw his own idea of ​​God; Felton shows a girl with a hat turned backwards and riding a skateboard: The 31-year-old actress said, “I don’t know how to put it, I just fell in love with him.”

Emma Watson and Tom Felton Analysis

Marifer Centeno, Expert in graphology and body language analyzes the conversation between the two actors in the reunion harry potter And he chronicled the conversation between the two actors in several photographs taken during the years that went on.

Centeno assures that these findings manifest themselves: “I don’t say that, the body that betrays always says so.”

In the first segment of the video, the graphologist analyzes a photograph where the actors are teenagers. In the picture, Felton is shown holding a glass while hugging Emma, ​​which shows a genuine smile.

Centeno highlights Felton’s safety and says that Watson’s smile reflects a lot of charisma and honesty. The practice continues with an image in which actors leave their teenage years behind; In this regard, Marifer comments: “We see how timid the smile is and most controlled movements, As if they were embarrassed to show everything that they are in public”.

In the third image where Emma and Tom may have aged, Centeno identifies the nuances of courtship in Felton’s pose, while Watson remains very attentive to his interlocutor: “There was a lot of chemistry, it was a true love”, notes.

The gestures that Centeno has most commonly adopted to debate his analysis are the angle and position of the smile in each of the images: “Here we see a smile that is completely honest (Emma Watson) and hers too. Heads are sought and closeness is undeniable”.

However, as actors get older, everything changes, Centeno says. “Do you see how the form changes? How is there a fantastic distance?”, he highlighted.

With regard to the reunion scenes for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, Marifer explains that the actors’ relationship remains reciprocal: “Look at his look. She’s very interested in talking to him.”

He also identified some key gestures in Watson and Felton’s dialogue: “There’s a real chemistry between them. that little face is nervous (Tom Felton) and she’s looking at him, her chin (Emma Watson) going up a bit, which tells us how she feels position of authority”, Insisted.


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As part of the final analysis, Centeno details Emma and Tom’s personalities by looking at their handwriting. The expert begins Watson:

“It is a connected letter, which tells us about the ease of speaking, but also about being An intuitive and critical minded person. He is a man who analyzes things and is extremely intelligent,” he remarked.

Felton’s handwriting, on the other hand, shows very different characteristics from that of his companions:

“It’s a very fast letter, which tells us it’s intuitive, as shown, They are both honest people. they complement each other but He is more rational and he is more intuitive; They are both very attentive”, concludes Centeno.

It should be noted that in particular return to hogwarts Too many Emma Watson as Tom Felton Assured Love Affair Never Was Among them: “Nothing happened, nothing, nothing in the romantic plane, never, we just love each other, that’s all”, declared the actress the perks of Being a Wallflower.