Helados Frody will increase its prices by 10% – Tech Viral Tips

Heldos Frodi reported with the ‘bitter news’ of 2022 that it would increase the prices of its products by 10% this year, due to the increase in the price of raw materials such as milk, sugar and even glass by between 15% and 20%. percentage will increase. , he informed.

“The cost of raw material is increasing a lot, milk has increased by 14 per cent, paper cups, addition of sugar and so we have to increase at least 15 to 20 per cent, but we are doing an adaptation to increase only 10 per cent. Developing the strategy. Ours,” said Frodie CEO Beatriz Rodriguez.

He also highlighted that the cost of opening a branch would range from 700 to 800 thousand pesos, mainly linked to the increase in both raw materials and equipment for its ice cream parlors.

It is expected to open 10 branches for 2022 with an investment of 8 million pesos.

“Many businesses closed and a very strong real estate offering opened up for us, which is why in 2020 we reached the expansion target, but in 2021 we saw a factor where a lot of people ended up losing their jobs Gone and want to make your way. Entrepreneurship with business complex, and that has complicated us,” Rodriguez said.

Last year, Froddy closed with a 20 percent increase in revenue and opened seven branches in the country for a total of 51 sales. It aims to reach 90 ice cream parlors in the metropolitan area alone by 2025.

Court up sea vale dues and workers left without vouchers

The newly elected presiding magistrate of Mexico City’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJCDMX), Rafael Guerra lvarez, has had a confrontation for more than a year with the TSJCDMX workers union, led by Ms. Ortelia Bautista, non-working of about 11 thousand workers. Compliance to distribute food vouchers to, the benefit given by the Court to its employees for the Christmas period. It is learned that the Court has added food vouchers to its employees for December 2020 and now for December 2021. The problem is that the court owes 240 million pesos with Up Si Vale, which Gerardo directs México Yepez, who, because of the court’s failure to pay, suspended the distribution of profits. However, they assure us that instead of paying, they chose to directly assign a new provider for 2021: Toca International, led by Hugo Villanueva.

However, Toca has also not been given the resources for the 2021 Christmas bonus. During this entire time, TSJCDMX’s Director of Materials Resources met with 25 suppliers, who assure us, there are over 850 million pesos in accounts payable, just for the year 2020! and offered that they would be liquidated during 2021, which has not happened.

Abbott fights hard for O’Micron and Journey

Abbott Laboratories chief executive Robert Ford said the convergence of Omicron, a highly infectious variant, with the year-end holiday travel season led to an unprecedented increase in demand for COVID-19 home tests.

The CEO said the company is increasing its trial production and expects the momentum to continue to address supply constraints. The Omicron version has spread rapidly, bringing the daily count of new cases to pandemic records. “We’re working … to make sure all the tests we build don’t stay on our list,” Ford said.