‘His involvement in crime is nothing to celebrate’ – friends of prolific thief pay tribute to his crimes after death

Colleagues of a prolific thief who died suddenly on Christmas have posted a series of bizarre tributes online, praising him for his crimes.

Ason ‘Jake’ Casey was suspected of being “highly active” in piracy in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Casey was a top target for Garda under Operation Thor.

Also known as ‘Jake the Snake’, he was associated with a cross-border burglary team and intelligence linked him to an extensive network of 30 criminals in Munster and Leinster.

Detectives believe Casey and his close associates were involved in a particularly prolific crime wave in mid-2018, which led to several break-ins.

They suspect the men used a stolen Audi vehicle in Northern Ireland before traveling in convoy with another car to commit the theft.

Garda also believes that the men were using the same car and regularly changing number plates to avoid detection.

A source said: “They will regularly park cars on either side of the border, a vehicle used by them was previously confiscated from a stop in Armagh.

“The pair were extremely active in crimes across Ireland, particularly in the Munster region and Northern Ireland. They were part of a wider criminal group that has been a priority for Garda over the years as part of Operation Thor.

Only last month he was suspected of involvement in a serious theft in the Midlands and managed to escape from Gardai by jumping into a river.

A source said: “He is being worshiped by his friends and family, but his involvement in criminality is nothing to celebrate. He terrorized communities across the country for years, plain and simple. “

Cunagh, 29, with an address in Limerick, died suddenly at Christmas to coincide with his funeral in the county last week.

Casey’s aides and relatives have posted a series of tributes in recent days, describing him as “the king of the street” and “the king of the Munster gang”.

He also shared several press articles on various social media platforms of the theft, which appears to be attributable to Casey.

A post originally published by the Irish Independent featured an article using a high-powered car to conduct rural raids on an organized crime gang.

The mob used a 3.3-litre Kia Stinger and was involved in 10 burglary at service stations in October 2020.

A relative of ‘Jake’ shared a screenshot of the article and wrote online: “First time to get a Kia Stinger in Ireland. Best in the business at what they did.”

Another picture of KC reads ‘King of Munster Gang’ along with a picture of Kia Stinger.

Footage from his funeral also showed the mourner wearing a black hat, mask and gloves carrying the gold coffin of Casey from the church.

One photo shows a young child wearing a ski-mask in front of his coffin at the altar.

Tributes echoed for Tallaghat man Dean Maguire (29), who died along with two other men when his car veered the wrong way on the N7 road between Limerick and Dublin last year and collided with a truck. Went.

His funeral made headlines when offerings – including a screwdriver and torch – were brought to the altar as gifts, praising Maguire’s stealth skills.

Sources said Casey, believed to be a key member of the criminal gang, was a driver on the job and favored using high-powered Audi cars while conducting the raids.

Garda Intelligence closely linked him with another serial thief from Tipperary and the two men were suspected of crimes on either side of the border.

Casey was previously described in court as an “active participant” in a criminal gang when he was charged with theft in 2019.

He had previously received a suspended sentence in 2017 for a violent incident in Limerick during which a woman was made horrific threats and her car was damaged.

Casey was also charged with dangerous driving linked to several incidents in the city in 2020.