Home Secretary warns there will be more agents like Chinese spy Christine Li


The home secretary has said it is likely that there will be more, such as the national security alert issued by the ruling Communist Party on a Chinese spy engaged in “political interference activities”.

Priti Patel said Britain had “other adversaries” who “would try to interfere or come into our country in any shape and manner” when it was revealed that a senior Labor MP was given Christine Ching before the MI5 was released. A donation of more than £500,000 was received from Cui Li. One caveat she was a Chinese agent.

Barry Gardiner received donations—over a period of six years—mainly to cover staffing costs in his office, and appointed his son as his diary manager.

While the Labor Party centrally stated that it had received some £5,000.

The revelations came after MI5 took the rare step of issuing lawmakers and peers a warning about Lee’s cultivation of British politicians in order to secure a “Britain’s political landscape” that was “favourable” to China. ” Was.

Ms Patel said it was “deeply concerned” that the Communist Party of China was targeting British lawmakers.

In a statement, Mr Gardiner, who was a member of the shadow cabinet under former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, said he had been in contact with security services for many years about his contacts with Lee, who was a member of a staff in central London. run a law firm. ,

“They have always been fully aware of their association with my office and the donations made by me to fund the researchers in my office,” he said.

“I have been assured by Security Services that while they have definitively identified the improper funding channeled through Christine Lee, it is not related to any funding received by my office.”

While Ms Patel warned that stronger laws were needed as the activity was “under criminal limits”.

She said: “We are big players internationally, United Kingdom, our place in the world is very strong. And so we are naturally countries of interest. I think it would be fair to say that we will see more such alerts in the future.”

She continued: “And, of course, as I have said, we are working to see what measures we can take to strengthen our laws, our legislations, effectively those kinds of To lead lawsuits that we currently cannot deliver.”