Hurt Luth eager to ‘learn’ from Dublin duel

Louth will enter the ‘lion’s den’ tomorrow night when he travels to Parnell Park to take on Leinster champion Dublin (7:30 p.m.).

ickey Harte’s side conceded an eight-point lead in their O’Burn Cup opener against Longford on Saturday, showing them on debuts Jay Hughes and Sean Healy to prove too much to enter the clash in the capital. Despite this, it had to be proved.

The dubs were too strong for Offley, who faces Luth in his first game of 2022 at Ardi on Saturday and could take a win on Wednesday to take the competition a step closer to the final.

Indeed, Hurt – who gave eight debuts at Rathkline reverse – believes performance will be more important than result against Dublin.

Tyrone quipped, ‘You’ll probably meet someone other than Dublin at this stage of the season.’

‘No matter what Dublin did, this would be a formidable outfit.

‘Then, we can only learn from this and we can only do what we can with the players that are available to us.

‘We will ask them to put in the effort and energy they put into the first 40 minutes (against Longford) and try to make it a little longer if they can.’

He said: ‘You want to be at your best in the sport you are playing. Yes, you want to win, but you also want to see ‘Are we making progress?’

“Are we learning some of the same things that we are doing in training?”

‘Are we learning to apply them?’

‘Now with Dublin facing the quality of the opposition, I don’t think anyone would think they would beat Dublin at Parnell Park where they are from and where we are.

‘It’s just a question of, ‘How good can we be against a team of that quality? and ‘How much will our players learn by going foot-to-toe with them?’

‘It must be a great experience that we certainly won’t learn anywhere else.’

There is currently some injury regarding Davar with captain Sam Mulroy, Conor Grimes, Anthony Williams, Ciarán Byrne, Ciarán Downey and Ciarán Keenan nursing injuries that will keep them out of contention, at least until the start. National League.

Therefore, most of the panel that will be on display on Saturday will be re-called for the Dublin Duel.

‘In three days no one will return what was not there today,’ said Herte.

“I don’t think we will go for many players who are out with medium to long term injuries and that is unfortunate. If we can nurture them till this month and make some of them available by the end of this month, in early February, that would be great.

‘Meanwhile the other players will get game time and be better for it, be it a win, a loss or a draw.’

Louth failed to register a forward during his visit to Longford on Saturday, after a 42nd-minute point from Gerard Brown.

When asked whether the fall’s modus operandi was related, Hurt suggested that the team’s inexperience was the swinging factor.

Each Niall Carey (Hunterstown), Healy (Naam Mertin), Hughes (Dreadnoughts), Conal McCall (St. Joseph), Brown (Roche), Gabriel Bell (St. Joseph), Kyle McElroy (O’Raghailighs) and Cathal Fleming (Mattock) The seniors had to face defeat.

‘There’s a big squad and we’ve got a lot of young boys.’

‘It’s hard for them when you throw them on a team and there aren’t a lot of experienced campaigners out there – we were taking out some of our regulars and bringing in new ones.

‘It’s not really fair on newcomers, they need a core of the team to carry the can for themselves and let them do the icing on the cake – we expected those to be cakes and that doesn’t really happen. ‘