Hygiene rating for each Toby Carvery in West Midlands

There’s no denying that the Midlands love a good Toby Carvery.

The meat is piled high – and the roast and vegetables are endless.

The Carvy chain has restaurants in Birmingham, Black Country, Solihull, Shropshire and Worcestershire that serve roast dinners every day of the week.

The 12 Best Places to Carve or Get a Sunday Roast in the Black Country

We’ve taken a look at all Toby Carvery restaurants in the area to see how the Food Standards Agency (FSA) rates them.

The Food Standards Agency is overseen by the local authority and the findings are updated on the FSA website whenever a new inspection is carried out by the Council.

*All ratings were correct as of Friday, January 7, 2022.

How are locations evaluated?

  • how hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, reheated, cooled and stored,
  • condition of the buildings structure – cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities,
  • How the business manages to ensure that food is safe and so that executives can be assured that standards will be maintained in the future.

The premises are assessed after a scheduled but unannounced inspection by environmental health authorities.

Where premises fall below standards, authorities take a number of interventions, including notices, revisions, or more formal action based on conditions found, with the aim of returning the premises to a state of broad compliance.

What do rating men do?

5 – The standards of cleanliness are very good

4 – Standards of cleanliness are good

3 – Sanitary standards are generally satisfactory

2 – some improvements needed

1 – Big improvement needed

0 – Needs immediate improvement

Toby Carvery Sheldon

225 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3EH

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: October 4, 2017

Toby Karvy Sutton Park

Park Road, Sutton Trinity, Birmingham, B74 2YT

Rating: 5

Last inspected: February 8, 2020

Toby Carvey Norton Keynes

Turf Lodge, Watling Street, Norton Keynes, WS11 9ND

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: September 13, 2019

Toby Carvey at Norton Keynes

Toby Karvy Burnt Tree Island

Burnt Trees, Tipton, DY4 7UF

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: February 22, 2020

Toby Carvey Castle Bromwich

The Bradford Arms, Chester Road, Solihull, Birmingham, B36 0AG

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: August 11, 2021

Toby Karvy Quinton

563 Hagley Road West, Birmingham, B32 1HP

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: October 25, 2019

Toby Carvey Quinton on Hagley Road West
Toby Carvey Quinton on Hagley Road West

Toby Carvy Worcester

Bath Road, Worcester, WR5 3HW

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: September 18, 2018

Toby Carvery Knowle

Wilson Arms, 1635 Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9AH

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: April 29, 2021

Toby Carvey Kings Norton

Cottridge Village Inn, 107 Pershore Road South, Birmingham, B30 3JX

Rating: 5

Last inspected: February 12, 2020

Toby Carvery Streetly

Chester Road North, Birmingham, B73 6SP

Rating: 5

Last Inspection: June 15, 2018

Toby Carvey in Streetly
Toby Carvey in Streetly

Toby Carvery Telford

Apple Arms, Shawburch Road, Telford, TF1 3QA

Rating: 5

Last inspected: November 17, 2021

Toby Carvy Walsall Broadway

Broadway, Broadway North, Walsall, WS1 2QA

Rating: 4

Last Inspection: July 25, 2019

Toby Carvery Hall Green

1456 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9ES

Rating: 4

Last Inspection: June 20, 2019

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