I Tried New Vegetarian Options From McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King and There Was a Clear Winner – Ed Gilbert

It’s that time of the year again when leading brands launch their latest vegan products to match the vegan diet.

Whether they are driven by profits, ethics, or saving the planet, there is no doubt that these companies are meeting these needs. rising demand For meat substitutes in the UK.

As a dedicated steak guzzler, I’ve also tried to reduce the amount of meat in my diet to help the environment.

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This year, three of the biggest fast food names on the High Street have made permanent additions to their menus to coincide with the vegetarian.

McDonald’s has launched its McPlant Burger in every UK store after a limited launch last year. Burger King has become the first UK fast food chain to sell vegetarian nuggets and KFC has added a permanent menu to its vegetarian burgers.

With three new products to try, I thought I’d buy them all and see how they compare.

Here’s how I got on.

Burger King – Vegetarian Nuggets

Burger King’s vegetarian nuggets are the UK before the fast food chain

Price – £3.29 for six

Now, I actually consider myself a somewhat meat-free nuggets connoisseur because I eat them regularly at home. This is because, I don’t think chicken nuggets look or taste like chicken, so you can eat plant-based alternatives as well.

Burger King’s vegan nuggets, developed in collaboration with Vegetarian Butcher’s, certainly looked to be in business.

With their golden battered exterior, there’s no way I’d have guessed they weren’t chicken nuggets. Even their soulful looking interior didn’t cheap out that it was a vegan product.

Their taste was also very good. If smooth to the touch the batter is crisp and they have a nice texture with maybe a little more chew than chicken nuggets.

While they were a bit soft, I like that chicken nuggets normally are too. But dipped in a pot of ketchup or BBQ sauce, these will go down to a treat.

KFC – Original Recipe Vegetarian Burger

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KFC’s Vegetarian Burger Was the Product I Was Most Excited to Try

Price – £3.99

KFC’s vegetarian burger looked good with its golden-crumbed Southern fried Quorn fillet and seeded bun. And, as a fan of KFC, it was the vegan product I was most excited to try.

Unfortunately, my overall impression from the first Mouthful was that of dryness. The soft and spongy bread roll was a touch dry and quite the delicious Quorn fillet lacked juiciness. It really needed a lot of vegan mayonnaise and lettuce to give the sandwich more moisture.

The most delicious ingredient was the Southern fried piece. With its distinctive blend of 11 herbs and spices, it had tangy heat and a lovely hit of flavor. However, it could also have been crisper.

McDonald’s – McPlant

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Macplant took three years to grow

Price – £3.49

Developed in collaboration with LA-based Beyond Meat, McDonald’s spent three years developing McPlant.

Now I have eaten this burger once before when it was initially launched in Wales and I thought it was great last time. But, I thought it was even better this time around.

From its appearance, I almost certainly would not have guessed that it was vegetarian. It resembled a quarter pounder with cheese and only modestly lacking the meltiness from the cheaper pea-based vegetarian cheese slice.

It also arrived at the patty with a nicely crisp exterior and a nice flavor and juiciness to it. The bun was nice and soft and even had an abundance of vegetarian cheese.

With lettuce, ketchup, gherkin, mustard, tomato and white onion, this classic burger was a lovely combination of toppings. Curiously, I noticed that the vegetarian burger sauce was missing and I actually think it tastes better without the creaminess like mayonnaise.

final call

It’s clear to see that a lot of effort has been put into McPlant and it certainly pays dividends. This is one vegetarian burger I would buy again and it was the clear winner in my book.

While I enjoyed Burger King’s vegetarian nuggets, I was not blown away. But having said that, the next time I want some nuggets after a pinch, I’ll happily give them one more time.

Conversely, I would never order the KFC vegetarian burger again. While this was the burger I was most excited about, it was the biggest disappointment. I can also buy Quorn Southern Fried Burger from the supermarket and put it in the bun itself; I think it would probably be an improvement.