I used to believe it was a work incident: Twitter users mock Boris Johnson’s apology

The prime minister has been accused of misinterpreting the “drink menu for a spreadsheet” as Twitter users mocked him for claiming he believed the Downing Street party was a “work event”. Was.

At a peak in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Boris Johnson apologized and acknowledged the public outcry over the “bring your own wine” gathering at Number 10 Gardens in May 2020, saying: “I believed it was a work incident “

Following the Prime Minister’s Questions statement, #PMQs were the top trend on Twitter and quips about Mr Johnson’s comments garnered thousands of likes and retweets.

British humorist Michael Spicer joked: “I think parties and work events can be very similar.

“For example, I once confused a drink menu for a spreadsheet.

“And also the seventh mojito for the pen.”

A tweet by a parody account of Larry, which ranks number 10 as his “Chief Mouser”, joked that the kitten was eyeing an escape from Downing Street.

“Wanted: New Housewives for Westminster based feline,” the account tweeted.

“The recently decorated home includes excellent security, lightly used office space, and large gardens, perfect for hosting parties.”

Irish airline Ryanair shared a popular meme with half a million followers.

The picture shows the prime minister photoshopped in the corner of a room, drinking wine in hand, dancing to party-goers as he declares: “I don’t know if I’m at a party.”

The picture is captioned: “Boris Johnson on 20 May 2020 for 25 minutes”.

Following the same theme, Labor MP and shadow foreign secretary David Lamy shared a photo of hundreds of people at a busy carnival, with Mr Johnson’s remarks titled: “I believed it was a work event”. .

The account of BBC One’s comedy show Have I Got News for You also joined in, posting: “The PM insists he didn’t know it was a party, and returned to his office shortly after turning on the karaoke machine “

Cult Internet artist Cold War Steve shared a depiction of the prime minister kept in a fridge in the House of Commons, recounting the moment Mr Johnson appeared to hide in a fridge on Good Morning Britain during the 2019 general election campaign.

The political cartoonist, known for his satirical Photoshop collages, included Post-It notes on the fridge door that read “Civil Servants” and “Sue Grey”, a series of alleged parties investigating There was a nod to the senior officer leading the charge. Number 10 and in Whitehall during the lockdown.

The political cartoonist is known for his satirical photoshop collages that have garnered thousands of likes on Twitter.

Comedy channel Dave mocked Mr Johnson’s statement, tweeting that he would appear and “turn you down a pint” by saying “this is a work event” three times in front of the mirror.

“If you stand in front of a mirror and say ‘this is a work event’ Boris Johnson will appear 3 times and turn you down a pint,” the account wrote to his 128,000 followers.