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Superior Auditor of Federation

The usefulness of improved audits is not reflected only in the number of audits conducted or the amount of public resources recovered, which eliminates their use for the benefit of citizens, as was the decision of the legislator. The benefits that these resources generally give in favor of the popular sections of the citizens should be taken into account. Thus, the recommendations of external audit guarantee efficacy, efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the use of public resources.

The impact of audit is the materialization of actions and recommendations, which causes a positive change in the quality of life of all people, especially those who are at a social disadvantage, this is the way through which the highest audit institutions generate value. Huh. and benefits to citizens, as indicated by INTOSAI-12. Promoting these reforms is one of the objectives that Sai takes into account in the development of his work.

In order to guarantee impact, proper planning is first required, which ensures that audits will be timely and relevant. Thereafter, they must be executed in a complete, concrete, professional manner, with adequate methodology and in strict adherence to international rules and standards. The results of these audits will provide objective and verifiable information for decision-making, improve regulatory and compliance frameworks, increase confidence in the financial systems and, by heeding their recommendations, improve public policies and programs and, ultimately, help citizens in government. will strengthen the faith of and public institutions.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of audit reports, various instances have taken various suggestions and initiatives. For example, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recommends capacity development, strengthening audit methods and practices, as well as dissemination and communication with stakeholders and the creation of new methodologies. of your work The latter wants these measurements to be not limited to quantitative aspects, such as consideration of savings and recovery of funds, but also to take into account qualitative aspects, such as the dismal effects of financial compliance audits in relation to potential fraud or acts. Corruption, improving the efficiency, efficiency and effectiveness of government functions and increasing the quality and inclusion of public programs and services.

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI-INTOSAI) has promoted various projects with robust monitoring systems to enhance the impact of auditing through the performance of high quality, impact-based audits and fostering closer collaboration and communication with stakeholders. want to give. Enhancing the creation of value and benefits, including integration of gender perspective and inclusion in audit work. This focus has already been considered by IDI in Transparency, Accountability and Inclusion (TAI) audits in the use of emergency funds for COVID-19, which is currently being developed in coordination with Superior Audits in the OLACEFS space. Used to be. Federation.

The Superior Audit of the Federation incorporates these recommendations into the performance of its functions to enhance the effectiveness of its report and thereby positively impact the quality of life of Mexican society.