In 100 days, the foundation for change has been laid in Coyoacán: Giovanni Gutierrez

100 days in government, in koyokan A change is already being experienced and the foundation has been laid for a transformation where citizens are supported, cared for and given prompt and effective responses to problems that have plagued the district for years. because this is the new administration 100% with youassured the mayor Giovanni Gutierrez Aguilar.

By announcing the cut in a message on your social network, Gutierrez Aguilar Said that today this change can be seen in their streets neighborhood, town, neighborhood and housing units where years of abandonment have begun to leave behind victimized demarcations.

“Gone was the abandonment and indifference that had spoiled it cultural richness, The architectural and human of this demarcation. The foundation stone for the new Coyoacán was laid today. Here we believe in equality, in commitment, in work; Happen 100 percent with you It goes beyond a good phrase, to show that Coyoacan is our priority. Here we are not going to fail you,” he insisted.

Gutierrez Aguilar pointed out that although 100 days are counted, they are actually about six months of continuous workRight from the transition phase he got down to give his best and work with full force in this administration.

“I’ve said it since the campaign and I repeat it: Today we have a mayor’s office that works 24/7 for coyocenance. andThat was the main social demand and we have fulfilled it.”, he emphasized.

In these first 100 days of the government, he added a strategy quick reply and direct contact with citizens, which considers almost immediate solutions to the challenges that exist at the local level. In addition, it was established ‘Wednesday with you’ Where we directly listen and serve the citizens.

Mayor said that more and more eight thousand packages of school supplies for students of basic education; they were already rehabilitated 6 out of 13 libraries, Reading circles were opened for girls and boys; 12 of 18 Child Care and Care Center (CASI), are already in operation; Games such as Huayamilpas and Coyoacán were rehabilitated, as well as parks such as La Consolación and Alameda del Sur; Swimming pool rehabilitated as Sports One Tuft and La Aurora and 15 community development centers were established.

Coyoacán was marked by gender equality in history, as it is the first mayor’s office to have an equality directorate, in addition to having a government. 6 out of 8 DG are led by women. Maintenance was carried out and the “Iphigenia Martínez” Women’s Care House was opened, which, along with caring for women victims of family violence four houses of elders, In collaboration with FUCAM, a thousand free mammograms were performed and a 3 out of 3 commitment was signed so that the mayor’s office would have no place for sex attackers, alimony debtors or family abusers.

In the economic sphere, he explained that new opportunities have arisen for those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. First job fair in Coyoacán in which he participated 51 companies and two thousand jobs were offered; An agreement was signed with Canacintra and another with University YMCA for training and teaching.

Security and Urban Services Priority: Giovanni Gutierrez

“I believe that the rehabilitation of public places happens on a large scale” security and investment, For this reason, in works and services, more than 2400 lights were repaired and the same number of trees were cut, more than 600 water leaks were treated and the surrounding two thousand 700 water pipes For the neighborhoods that needed it most,” said Giovanni Gutierrez.

In security, in these first 100 days it was possible to reduce 24 percent high impact crime incidents Compared to 2019, thanks to an increase of almost 50 percent in the number of police officers. The Coyoacán Shield human protection policy was introduced, with which they generated 45 quadrants and each of them has an assigned patrol.

10 venues rehabilitated and opened to promote music, dance, painting, exhibitions and conventions; An agreement was signed with TV UNAM for the dissemination of the cultural and gastronomic proposal of the demarcation Coyoacan Symphony Orchestra Which will visit all the neighbourhoods, neighborhoods and towns to present free concerts.

“We are doing what no one has achieved in our country for a long time: giving a new impetus to Coyoacan. It is all because of your trust, we have a government today. 100 percent Committed to citizens; 100% focused on delivering results and 100 percent Handed over to you,” he insisted.

For this reason, “we stepped on the accelerator, we decided to go from zero to 100 in all the areas that needed immediate attention. I said it from the beginning: You do your best for us every day.” The reasons are today coyoacán is 100 percent with you”, he concluded.