in a church and already being gobera

There continues to be information on the photo – or photos, as another was added yesterday – that gained relevance this week, in which the governor of Morelos appears, Cuauhtémoc White, and local organized crime leaders. According to the pastor of the Cuernavaca diocese, Thomas Torali, who appeared before the media yesterday to demarcate the church of any links with organized crime, the photo was taken at the church of La Asuncion, which is located in the municipality of Yotepec. He also said that it was taken on December 12, 2018, which was different from the date reported by the state government officials, who denied that it was given in the present administration. The fact is that this happened when the former footballer was already the governor.

With a divided decision, they tell us, two against three, the Morena Honesty and Justice Commission decided to reject the challenge it had made. Susanna Harpy to appoint a senator Solomon Zara as a candidate for the government of Oaxaca by the national leadership in charge of mario delgado, With this, the senator, who was marginalized by the final decision, has only an appeal to the electoral tribunal of the judicial power of the Federation, which she announced she would participate in. In this first fight, the legislator relied on arguments in favor of his cause from members of the CNHJ such as zazil carrerasso You Vladimir RiosThe first regretted that “the application of the equivalence criterion was dealt a blow” and the two did not enter into a discussion of the merits of the claimed case. They see to us that, with this, Harp couldn’t have been so shocked. Anyway, on the issue of candidature, there will be a final decision on TEPJF in a few days.

In bad news, such as an increase in Covid-19 cases, which brings us closer to the levels that were reached in the highest peaks in the epidemic, or most regrettably still, more than 300 thousand people died – according to official figures According to – due to the virus, Cofepris announced that it approves oral treatment with mollupiravir, a drug developed by Merck, for emergency use in our country. It won’t be the only one, as next week it will be the same with a product called PaxLovid from the Pfizer lab, approved by New Molecules’ committee and Konasit. The owner of Cofepris himself insisted that approvals for the drugs are “issued in record time.” By the way, some experts told that this medicine should be used in the early days of the disease, because it does not work in late cases.

After disagreements with the restoration process carried out in the Postal Palace were noted in the Blessed Network, it was the Secretariat of Communications and Transport Infrastructure, via Sepomex, which clarified that, contrary to what was noted, such No vinyl paint is being used. Jobs. He also clarified that the program affecting the façade of the historic property and addressing the damages has been recorded in INABAL and also requires the authorization of INAH. According to information provided by the agency, the technology used in the work done is called “sacrifice angobe” – a suspension of clay – with which they seek to protect the mine from outside agents. However, the work was stopped by INAH and Inbal to conduct the color test.

After about a week, Cecilia FloresLooking for mom from Sonora, finally getting the meeting you requested Alejandro Encinas, after sending out several tweets for six days that managed to put pressure on federal officials, as reported in the region. ah, but they tell us that he achieved a plus, because he will also meet the governor alfonso durazo Who will ask for resources? Cecilia’s messages attracted such attention that Under-Secretary Encinus called her to schedule their meeting for the next Tuesday, after this Friday morning, Cecilia threatened to shut down the interior with dozens of people.. The purpose of the latter, they tell us, to reach this decision about the meeting, was what mediation was involved in the matter, or was it that fear doesn’t ride an ass? Oof.

Despite the wave of infection the country is going through due to the arrival of the COVID-19 Omicron version, the Archbishop of Mexico asked priests not to close the doors of churches, but to strengthen hygiene measures. And that despite the fact that positive cases are increasing every day, it is a priority to let people go to offer their prayers, although it was also clarified that it would be much better if it could be done virtually, Since it is also an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. Pear or apple, people are expected to come, but… don’t forget the mask.