In Mexico, life has no value – Tech Viral Tips

Where is your money Your love, a popular saying goes that with good reason, it is clear that people invest or spend our resources, however, is it valid that public administration has spending preferences that are more concerned with individual or communal interests than the actual needs of citizens? The answer is no, the government should always give high priority to the core needs of the citizens.

Unfortunately, our politicians often get immersed in eternal discussions on behalf of the people, to define what is really a priority for our society, when it is very easy, the most important thing for any country is that of its citizens. Life is. In theory, the most basic needs and rights emerge, such as: food, health and being able to work in a peaceful environment; It is in these issues where you should invest, because they are the basis of the existence of the community itself and therefore the main reason for having a government that supposedly exists to manage everyone’s resources, including the use of violence. including monopoly. ,

Of course, I don’t mean to undermine other rights of citizens, but those times when you can’t go out on the street because you risk dying in a shooting, or people die because they weren’t bought for three It’s years! Enough medicines for government hospitals, we ask ourselves: where are the investment priorities of this government? Can they really ignore all this and continue to spend on whim without any consequences? And if so, why do we need them?

Let us refer to the facts, the “throat no bullets” policy has given organized crime carte blanche to act without consequence, even allowing them to fully control the various cities and municipalities of the country. has allowed. In fact, over 108 thousand violent deaths have occurred during this six-year term, making this government the most violent in the history of modern Mexico. Ironically, when López Obrador was a candidate, he promised to end the violence in three years.

In addition, we must also add that with the disappearance of Seguro Popular, approximately 15.6 million beneficiaries lost their access to public health, with 3.8 million increasing in poverty, as reported by CONEVAL in August 2021 According to the figures made, just this week, various media published that INSABI, again, could not procure enough medicines through its tenders, with which only 54.6% of its requirement was covered, i.e., they only bought their medicines. Bought half the medicine needed. How many people and how will they be affected by these actions?

The policy of the present government is not interested in the life it governs – let alone the quality of life. The money is in bottomless barrels like PEMEX, which is the most indebted oil company in the world today, or in canceling projects like airports that weren’t built but we’re going to pay anyway, or servers like opaque The henchmen are in Bots and Palero Journalists in the Nation, Network; or to inform mega-parties of the victory of the Government, or of an aircraft that was never sold or raffled and which is still there; Among other presidential circuses that work to take money only from the items in which it should actually be spent.

This is the reason why in today’s Mexico, the lives of its citizens seem to have no value, they are only in the death toll due to violence, irresponsibility in epidemics or other diseases that cannot be treated. Another number are due to lack of “resources”. Rather, some people are murdered by their arrogant politics.