In the victory of the campaigners, the gate was deliberately removed in the green space

A gate that was closed to keep residents out of the green space has now been removed entirely by the council – a victory for campaigners who want to keep the space freely open for all to use. .

In order to keep Brandhall Golf Course open, the Brandhall Golf Course gate was closed in December. It was reopened after locals raised concerns to Sandwell Council.

He claimed that the gate was closed illegally and was the entrance to a public road.

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But this month, a resident, Clive Heywood, noticed the gate was chained again when he requested the gate to be unlocked.

He said: “Imagine my surprise! The entrance on the right side of the path is closed.

“To stay I’m disappointed is an understatement! Why, agreeing that the public avenue should not be closed, have they closed it again?

“This action is pointless because it won’t stop people from coming to the site because there is an ‘unofficial’ entrance a few yards away – a gap in the perimeter fence. Is the council ‘bloody minded’ about the whole thing?”

But in response to the dispute, the council has removed the gate itself.

Mr. Heywood also noted the conflict of interest over the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) at Brandhall Golf Course.

In a Freedom of Information request sent by Mr Heywood, Sandwell Council said: “Dear Clive Heywood, again your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

“I write in furtherance of your request, received on 25 November 2021, for information relating to tree protection orders at the former site of Brandhall Golf Course

“You asked: I would like a list of trees (approximately with age) on the site of the former golf course in Brandhall that have tree conservation orders on them.

“Response: Trees owned by the Council and on land owned by the Council have not been created under the Tree Protection Order, so no trees on the site are subject to the Conservation Orders.”

But a document called Arboricultural Constraints by Sandwell Council states: “Many of these trees are covered by a TPO and an application would be required for an LPA that could affect these trees.”

Tree protection orders are placed in England by local planning authorities to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands.

The orders prohibit the cutting, felling, cutting, uprooting, willfully causing damage or willfully destroying trees without the written consent of the local planning authority.

This comes as residents who live close to Brandhall Golf Course, including members of the Brandhall Green Space Action Group (BGSAG), from Old Warley, Langley Green and Bristol, maintain the land as an accessible green space. And campaigning to stop urban development. Land.

It is earmarked for plans to build Brandhall Village with 550 homes, a large new public park, space for a new replacement for the Causeway Green Primary School, pedestrian and bicycle links and new wildlife areas.

A Sandwell Council spokesman said: “We have no record of the council putting a lock on this particular door on this public walkway and we are investigating whether it was installed by a third party.

“As soon as it was brought to our notice this morning that the gate has been closed again, an officer went out to remove the lock. The gate has been removed this afternoon (Friday) only to ensure that the right of way remains open.”

The council also said that their response to the Freedom of Information request was correct.

“The TPOs mentioned in document DC/12/55410 pertain to arboricultural constraints for 4.4, but not within the golf course itself.

“He was wrongly identified as being a TPO by a private company conducting the survey. The Council will amend the documents accordingly.”

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