INE confirms Murray’s refusal to return resources; Won’t Support Gifts, They Say

General Council of the National Electoral Institute (offline, He confirmed the refusal of Morena to return the resource from his privileges. which were given to him for the acquisition of anticovid vaccines, and told that he would not validate the gift and political patronage.

In compliance with the decision of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), which determined that it was the responsibility of the General Council to respond to the party’s request, specifically the 200 million pesos of public financing that had already been deposited.

,Request made by Morena does not apply Through the official letter CEN/MDC/027-BIS/2021, dated November 8 to this institution, as it relates to the return of the amount of public funding for the maintenance of sustainable normal activities that are already political in the financial year The team was deposited. 2021 Therefore, the resources must be used for the purpose for which they were provided”, establishes the approved agreement.

Morena responds to INE before ratification by refusing to return resources

During the General Council session, the representatives of brunette, Mario Lergo claimed the decision of offline, as he argued there is no prohibition to return the resources.

He argued that in 2018 offline Authorized the then independent candidate for the Presidency, Margarita Zavala, to return resources belonging to him for his campaign.

The federal deputy also demanded that electoral advisers not be the reason why the words “tyrants and autocrats” resonate when rejecting his request in the horseshoe room of democracy.

Lorenzo Cordova explains that INE will not adopt an authoritarian attitude

In response, Presidential Counselor Lorenzo Cordova made it clear that, unlike the way Morenoites do in the Chamber of Deputies, offline No one would have an authoritarian attitude, such as criminally condemning divergent thinkers, as he did with the directors in the “ridiculous complaints” that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) is still investigating.

“Totalitarian, tyrannical and autocratic attitudes have been spoken of, but none here, because of their position, because of their interpretations of the law, because of their statements or because of their decisions, will never be criminally condemned, As in other cases, there is no authoritarian, tyrannical and authoritarian attitude here, we leave it to other matters”, he emphasized.

He specified that, moreover, one should “not confuse gymnastics with magnesia”, since the issue of an independent candidate has nothing to do with the prerogatives of political parties.

Resources that are not used in 2021 will be returned to the Federation Treasury

He remembered thatResources not used in 2021 will be reimbursed to the Federation Treasury, whereby it corresponds to determine the purpose for which they shall be assigned, and not to the parties.

cordoba He indicated that the privileges relating to January 2022 would be deposited with the parties in the early hours of next Friday, so even if a political party wanted to relinquish its resources, they could still attend the office concerned.

Before the sign of Cheri’s representative, adviser Ciro Murayama recalled the words of Carlos Monsivais and said that in this type of case it is necessary to “distinguish between an agitator and an agitator”.

stressed that brunette there are clear rules for leave your funding And, in fact, he did so in the months of May, August and later in September, returning a total of 252.3 million pesos.

However, he remembered that . promise of brunette, which also spread in its promotional items, had to sacrifice half the resources, so it still has a shortfall of 547 million pesos.

stressed that The law explicitly prohibits gifts, so that the privileges of the parties should not be used to purchase vaccines, textbooks or blankets, as the budget for these purposes should be assigned from the Chamber of Deputies.

Therefore, Murayama remarked: “Don’t ask us to open the door to handouts and political patronage.”

In this regard, Counselor Uk-Kib Espadas Ancona pointed out that if the request for brunette It was an intention with good intentions, he himself may have promoted the alternatives, but he insisted it was a lie.

“Should INE make it easier for Murray to come out and say that he’s going to pay 500 million pesos to buy vaccines, that’s a lie? Either way, INE isn’t obligated to facilitate emulation and stop the lie.” clearly obliged to prevent that from becoming a bargaining chip,” he pointed out.