INE consultants rejected the “petty” proposed by the federal government

National Electoral Institute (INE) Rejected the proposal made by the federal government In form of “penance exercise, for your budget, Well, he pointed out that it is part of a democratic discourse, that it violates the law and that it “penance,

election advisor Confirmed that in recent months he has reiterated Murray’s representation before the General Council, stating that Proposals submitted by the Secretary of the Interior during the morning conference are not viable, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez.

Consular President Lorenzo Córdova lamented the lie of the federal government’s discourse about the fact that the Institute may still make another attempt to collect Resources Required for Revocation with Salary Savings or Insurance Cancellation,

In this sense, he stressed that, by law and in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the Electoral Tribunal of the Federation of Judicial Powers (TEPJF), they are items that cannot be touched. could.

“There is a great lie in all this speech, because the greatest advantage of sentences is that they force us to move on. revocation of mandate, but without touching, without risking our constitutional, legal, statutory powers, the professional electoral service that regulates labor rights.

“Morena’s representative (Mario Lergo) said: ‘reduce salary and remove insurance‘ Sir, this cannot be done because we will be violating a resolution of SCJN and TEPJF so today they should not tell us that offline is the one who can and doesn’t want to revocation of mandate”, he remarked.

Faced with the federal government’s proposal to reduce other spending items such as cell phones, he recalled that, five years ago, the institute had decided as a gesture penance, that the high command will not have cell phones paid for by the electoral authority.

Further, he pointed out that commensurate with the travel expenses, they are not meant for the visits of electoral advisors, but are assigned to the officials who are part of the organization of the election and who visit the states and citizens.

Councilor Siro Murayama expressed himself in the same sense, broadcasting from a civic meditation module via his social network, explaining that these are exactly the places the institution leases.

“What they propose is that we stop paying leases, what is rent rent? offline, Around 800 locations this module is preferred for people to process their voting credentials. These modules have computer equipment to capture your data, high quality cameras to take your picture, equipment to take your fingerprints so that no one can falsify your credentials. penance Misunderstood, it can lead to penance,” he insisted.

Counselor Jaime Rivera recalled that, by law, the trust’s offline -One of the items proposed by the federal government that may be a source of additional resources- not to be touched to allocate them to other matters.

He pointed out that the electoral body has trusts related to labor liabilities and real estate: Funds for Compliance with the Real Estate Infrastructure Program and Funds for Citizen Attention and Improvement of the IEE Module, but they cannot be used for other purposes. .

Previously, Councilor Uk-Kib Espadas had already remarked that even if all the highest-paid people in the electoral body gave up 100 per cent of their salary for a year, it would hardly be possible to cover three per cent. will suffice for. still missing for revocation of mandate,