INE supports 1,738 million pesos request for repeal

Mexico City- Unanimously, the National Electoral Institute’s advisers supported the agreement that authorizes an additional adjustment of 588 million pesos for the revocation of the mandate and directed the Executive Secretariat to ask the Ministry of Finance for 1,738.94 million pesos for the said year. Request a budget increase.

The agreement results in additional savings of 64.46 million pesos to the IEE budget, as well as a purse of 524 million pesos to be achieved by cutting the cost of the exercise of repealing the mandate, which will go from 3 thousand 830 million to 3 thousand 306.73. One million.

These resources add up to a wallet of 1,503 million pesos for a total of 2,191.46 million pesos, which the institute had previously as a result of cost reduction exercises.

The General Council also endorsed directing the Executive Secretariat to request a budget increase of 1,738 million pesos from the Treasury and urged the federal agency to issue a response no later than January 31.

The agreement states that in the absence of a reply or if resources are not provided, the Executive Secretariat of the INE should coordinate the executive directorates and technical units so that, as soon as possible, they can analyze the impacts that may arise. . Taking into account the necessary adjustments in normative and budgetary matters.

In compliance with the foregoing Electoral Court’s resolution, which directed the Institute to make extra-budgetary adjustments and, if budget inadequacies persist, request necessary extensions from the Treasury.

PAN’s representative, Victor Hugo Sondon, expressed concern that in an effort to generate savings, it is proposed to replace the use of security paper with bond paper with certain safeguards.

“We are particularly impressed by the non-use of security paper, even if the use of other austerity measures is justified, the use of bond paper may be subject to change by some sinister characters who wish to question the work of this institution. , “They said.

Counselor Dania Ravel explained that in addition to the distribution of protection letters, the adjustment would mean reducing financial aid to local and district councils by 50 percent, reducing sanitation supplies at elections and eliminating per-day payments to foreign visitors.

In addition, no space will be rented to support the program, or 15 places to vote for Mexicans living abroad. From the point of view of training, saving will be achieved by reducing the training period and posts of Electoral Supervisors and Trainers as well as increasing the number of polling stations under their responsibility.

He said that the budget of the electoral college would also be reduced by 20 percent to transfer the election documents and materials to the chairmen of the polling boards.

The Counselor affirmed that although these reductions indicate an increase in the workload of various areas of the INE, the elimination of certain provisions and the expansion of classes of responsibility, they are responsible adjustments that guarantee the basic conditions of certainty.

In his turn, Morena’s representative, César Agustín Hernández, confirmed that the proposed savings were insufficient and criticized that they focused on expenses related to the exercise of the revocation of the mandate.

The federal deputy also called for savings in other expenses related to the activities carried out by the institute and reiterated his call to reduce the salaries of the “golden electoral bureaucracy”, despite the fact that this is an issue pending resolution at the apex. Court Nation’s Court of Justice.

“We know that access to democracy is possible without repeal of funding, but this is not enough, requiring a more thorough review of INE’s spending,” he said.

Councilor Siro Murayama warned that the possibility of putting 161 thousand boxes on the day of the revocation of the mandate is now in the domain of the Ministry of Finance.

He indicated that if the federal government refuses to provide them with the resources they are requesting, with a sufficient budget that INE has, it would be possible to establish about a third of that figure.