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let it go but let it be

Several times during his administration, López Obrador has used the popular “petito” consultation to cancel or continue works on certain projects. Thus, he supported the construction of the Texcoco airport or the upgrade of the Huexca thermoelectric plant in Morelos, however, this unconstitutional formula would eventually bring all kinds of legal consequences.

The same wants to do with the repeal of the mandate, certainly if the INE did not exist or, even more so, if it would succumb to the President’s designs, fortunately this has not happened and that is why missiles are fired against the electoral institution on all fronts. continues from.

In a review of signatures that seek to support that this democratic imitation be carried out, the INE finds it absurd as the votes of the dead or civilians have expressed their approval in support of the revocation of the mandate. Identity used.

I am aware that your endorsement’s signature appears without explicit authorization.

It is good that INE opened up the query module on its website to verify that the signatures correspond to a voluntary, independent and individual act.

Among the collection of signatures, many of those who received the tables, the flies did not even stop, although in the end, they surprisingly collected hundreds of thousands of boxes and boxes with the contents of the support so that “the president would leave so that in the end he would not go away.” go”.

This nonsense that hurts the intellect of the gullible will not only once again drain the troubled treasury of the country, but also has become a dynamism of wasting time for the public servants and volunteers participating in the revocation of the mandate is, from the various fronts that go from day to day participation, let’s call it electoral, to the collection of signatures and of course, to reach the rank of 3% of the nominal list of registered in the INE in the organization and in fraud conspiracy for.

It should be noted that so far the required 3% per unit limit has been reached in 17 states, thus fulfilling one of the requirements laid down in the Constitution to trigger this process of citizen participation.

Next week the support of 2 million 758 thousand people registered in the nominal list can be completed and even more, as established by the constitution and the mandate repeal law.

Currently, there are 480 people working in different shifts in the three buildings to continue processing the signatures that are received and thus comply with the review of at least 3.5% approvals.

This is why it is important to review the entire process to validate the practice.

At a press conference, René Miranda Jaime, executive director of the Federal Register of Voters, recalled that, like other signature collection procedures, this tool would allow citizens to validate their support only with their voter code.

If for any reason, a citizen has not given his support and this shows up in the verification, a format was made available for those wishing to make a related observation.

After January 19, it is planned to begin work that allows a statistical sample to be verified, through home visits, that the public supports the celebration of the practice and then there, signature collectors will tremble, because of discrepancies. Will definitely find out.

The popular saying that a tree is born crooked, its trunk is never straight and it is applied precisely in this joke, where first, at the time of collecting signatures, the AMLO is asked to drop and then support is rigged and in the end, the same people who expressed this position will come to ask to stay.

It is well said that if Frank Kafka had been born in Mexico, he would have been a courtesan, not the father of literary surrealism.