Insulate UK preachers released from prison


The campaigner for Insulet Britain, who went on a hunger strike while in prison, has said she has “focused her” on her campaigning efforts for the group.

Emma Smart was freed from HMP Bronzefield in Surrey shortly after 9.40am on Friday after serving a four-month prison sentence in November.

The environmentalist was one of six people released on Friday who were jailed for violating a government order that barred them from protesting on major streets in the UK.

While we have been in prison, families in the UK have been told to expect a 50% increase in their energy bills. it’s a damn

Dr Diana Warner, a retired GP, was also released from the same jail.

People applauded as she left the site and Ms. Smart punched her in the air. After this, friends and supporters hugged him.

Four other members of Insulate Britain – James Thomas, an architect, Oliver Rock, a carpenter, Roman Paluch, a warehouse operator, and Tim Spears, a volunteer, were released from HMP Thamside in south-east London.

Speaking to the media later, Ms. Smart said: “It’s amazing. It’s a beautiful day. It’s lovely to have the sun on me – I haven’t had it on me for a few weeks.”

During her time in prison, Ms. Smart went on a 26-day hunger strike while in prison and was moved to the hospital wing for 13 days.

She said that she decided to do so while in prison because she was “absolutely shocked” by the sentence given to them.

Emma Smart (left), with Dr Diana Warner, as thousands die ‘tragic, lonely deaths’ (Aaron Chown/PA) , PA Wire

“As I sat in the van being taken from court to jail, I just remembered thinking about the injustice of all this and the judge’s words – that we have harmed the public and damaged the economy. I was absolutely pissed ,” she told the PA news agency.

“We were trying to stop the damage – 8,500 people are dying every year because they can’t afford to heat their homes and eat. It’s frightening, it’s loss.