Is this a poem? These are the weirdest things you’ll find at CDMX – Tech Viral Tips

do you want lemon Rosca de Reyes, This! Mexico City Has an Option Designed for Every Taste Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon A few more bites are enough for this culinary calendar.

There are options for this Three Kings Day like thread with marrowTheme with characters like Tacos, Gourmet, Hello Kitty or Harry Potter.

We tell you where to find some of the weirdest.

Hello Kitty, Harry Potter and Spider-Man

Did you get Spider-Man, Harry Potter or Hello Kitty? Rosca de Reyes,

If there are people who look for any of those idols that come with a promise to buy tamales candlemas dayWith these loaves, people will struggle to find out which piece they are hiding in.

Since the end of last year, Super Roscas 2022 started its first bake Hello Kitty And Sanrio caused a sensation among kittens fans.

It is prepared with traditional original butter bread, sugar paste, vanilla and chocolate, as well as garnishing chocolate.

Shortly after what began with a thread of magic with Harry Potter figures, another dedicated to Legion BT2, friendly neighbor Spider-Man and now the classic Star Wars, featuring 3D-printed Baby Yoda dolls and other characters.

Each thread costs 700 pesos and is ordered by Social Networks.

The Strange Rosca De Reyes

Weird Cafe is a themed cafeteria inspired by the filmography of American filmmaker Tim Burton.

For this year he elaborated strange thread, with tape figures Jack’s Strange World, a mix of Christmas and Halloween in one pan.

It costs 800 pesos for 14 people, includes 4 figures and can be ordered by you Page, There is also a person with a figure, it costs 90 pesos, you can find it in your establishment.

Address: Casa Franciscana, Jesus Maria 42, Historic Center of Mexico City, Centro, Cuautémoc.

Rainbow Kings Cake

Prepares Rainbow Bagels a Rainbow Kings Cake, colored and with ceramic unicorn figures inside.

It is made with coconut milk, vanilla and toasted coconut brioche, covered with white chocolate, striped coconut and red berries, also contains mascarpone, triple chocolate and cherries. There is a family and individual version.

it can be ordered by you instagram,

Address: Calle Marcela 56, Juarez, Cuautémoc, Mexico City.

Michiroska de Reyes

This thread in the shape of a pussycat is the work of Free Forever, a Vegetarian Bakery Which is characterized by its creativity and its creativity, free from food of animal origin with flour in “michiconchas” and “michimurtos” (bread of the dead in the shape of a cat).

They are sold in small (280 pesos) and medium (330 pesos) sizes.

Direction: Guerrero 244B, Buenavista Neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office.

taco thread with marrow

A thread with everything! To add lemon to this tradition, La Ramona de los Marro makes its specialty taquitos, one with potatoes, sauce, onions and cilantro.

You can dine in a restaurant or order through Rappi and Uber Eats.

Address: Tehuantepec 144 Colonia, Roma Sur, Cuautémoc, Mexico City.


gourmet thread

Las Baguettes de La Lagunilla is a Spanish-style tapas bar in Mexico City’s famous Tianguis, where they prepare sandwiches with ingredients such as serrano hamMeat and sausages, such as bacon, pamplona chorizo ​​or pastrami.

According to the season, they prepare a Thread Your Gourmet StyleIn salted bread with sesame, garnished with figs, ideal for serving with a glass of wine, they cost 600 pesos.


La Lagunilla Tianguis: C. Comonfort 67-81, Morelos, Cuautémoc, 06200 Mexico City, CDMX

Nues 181, Nueva Santa Maria, Azcapotzalco, 02800 Mexico City, CDMX