It ‘demolishes’ Omicron for Mexico’s airlines

Juarez City.- Thousands of travelers, including residents of Juarez, who enjoyed the December holidays in various tourist destinations in the country, were unable to return to their native places on time, and there are those who still cannot return due to flight cancellations from various airlines. can.

According to Grupo Aeromexico, the reason for this in his case was the multiple infections of covid-19 arising among his employees, which forced him to cancel flights on various routes and without any prior notice, or at least to them could have been affected without proper timing. Work.

Viva Aerobus responded to El Darío that the canceled flights on its Juárez–Guadalajara and Guadalajara–Juarez routes were due to unexpected maintenance that had to be delivered to its units, which affected hundreds of passengers last January. However, according to the affected passengers, the suspension of flights was from January 4 till yesterday.

Yesterday the airline informed the medium that “Given the current scenario, which presents the development of the Covid-19 pandemic (mainly due to the Omicron variant), with impacts on employees of all airlines globally, Viva Aerobus has strengthened its biosafety protocols to deal with this situation”.

He explained that “about 4 percent of the total crew members are in isolation due to suspected or confirmed cases. Although the above meant the cancellation of six flights between January 5 and January 6, 2022, no operation today (tomorrow) will be allowed.” There was no need to cancel.”

They reiterated that “In this context, Viva Aerobus makes a commitment with its passengers to compensate them and/or provide them with options that allow them to travel as quickly as possible in the event of a failure in their flight.” Always the welfare of all associates and passengers”.

More passengers yesterday condemned that Volaris also had problems with flights, as they could not access a flight or routes that could connect them to their destination, however, the airline did not release information in this regard.

chaos in terminals

There was chaos at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) yesterday after flight attendants and pilots of Aeromexico and Viva canceled flights due to the infection of Kovid-19. Till yesterday, the passengers were stuck there and there was a long line of people waiting to take the flight.

Aeromexico recorded 13 cancellations yesterday for the destinations of Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Cancun, Mérida, Mexicali and Ciudad Juárez.

“Yesterday (January 6) we were able to get a connecting flight, they accommodated us on a flight to Mexico and from there to Juarez, but several other passengers were already there for two days and still did not help ,” said Arturo “Gonzalez” yesterday. , who preferred to leave his real last name but said that his initial flight was on 5 January from Guadalajara to this extent.

According to Viva Aerobus, its priority is to guarantee the safety of all its operations and to compensate affected passengers for their safety in accordance with existing regulations and airline policies. “Sorry for the inconvenience caused to Viva Aerobus,” he told El Diario.

According to the complainants who sent their complaints and graphic material over this medium, annoyance and chaos broke out at Guadalajara airport when crowds of passengers arrived at the counter for documents, at which time they were informed that flights had been canceled and that they Will be available till next day.

“They didn’t inform us anything until we got the document. It makes me feel bad because a cancellation means another day of stay and, well, we don’t all have to pay for another day “Who pays us the hotel, one more day of food?”, exposed one of the complainants.

ToFertilization occurs around the world

Aeromexico said in a statement yesterday that the new wave of Kovid-19 has affected global aviation, causing some flights to be damaged.

He assured that in order to guarantee the safety of customers and associates, monitoring protocols are being implemented, including adjustments to the planned operations.

“We focus our efforts on minimizing the impact and we work to serve customers who have modified their travel plans in the best possible way, with the greatest safety and in the shortest possible time. to take you to your destination,” he said.

“Flight delay or cancellation is not a decision we take lightly and is always a last resort. We will continue to apply the highest protocols in all operations, without exception, through our health and hygiene management system. We invite customers to keep an eye on their flight status through our official channels,” the airline said.

With airline complications affecting thousands of passengers, the Union Association of Aviator Pilots of Mexico (ASPA) reported that the group is out of 1,800 pilots, 75 so far who have been infected with Covid: 57 from Grupo Aeromexico, 14 from From Aeroméxico Connect and 4 more from Aeromar.

However, it was assured that 95 percent of ASPA members have a complete vaccination plan.

According to the affected people, another reason for the cancellations and so many affected was the high ticket sales, however, airlines were limited to the justification for the Covid.

As of yesterday, an Aeromexico flight still appeared on its route Juarez-Mexico City, which was cancelled, leaving at 6:02 am, while leaving at 9:51 pm. Website of Centro Norte Airport Group (OMA).

pilot infected

1,800 pilots make up the ASPA group

75 are infected

Grupo Aeromexico K57

14 Aeromexico Connect . By

4 by Aromaro

95% have a complete vaccination plan