It is not resolved to assume… this is the culprit in front of Kovid-19

Hours before announcing his second Covid-19 infection last Monday, President López Obrador said, “Yeah… I’m cranky, I’m going to get tested later, but I think it’s the flu.” ” broke his own historical record of contagion.

Reducing exposure to the virus, even with people vaccinated, is the philosophy of many of its colleagues in the face of various warnings of the pandemic, starting with Hugo López Gatel, the Under-Secretary of Health, who insists—inexplicably— Dealing with the pandemic as if it was precisely “cold” with disastrous consequences and great economic consequences.

I must admit that I also thought it was a flu, in the case of my 4-year-old niece, but in the figures released by Cipinna this week it turned out to be another, about In the first 9 days of this 2022, there has been a 502% increase in the infection of children from 0 to 11 years in the 18 states of the republic.

Asymptomatic images represent a constant threat. It is clearly necessary to know if you have contracted the virus and not go around “assume”, as the health authority of Mexico City proposes: “Assume yourself positive if symptoms appear”.. Which head does it fit in?

Those who have learned a lesson from this pandemic know that the best way to prevent infection is to detect it early. Evidence, as maintained by the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

Johns Hopkins University, which has documented the behavior of the virus around the world, said that without knowing how many people are infected, no action can be taken or the true impact of the virus is known.

In our country, free tests are currently rare and those available in the private sector reach a cost that not everyone can afford in the midst of an economic crisis.

With about 40,000 infections a day, the Omicron variant and its rapid ability to spread have already become too costly to finance various sectors, such as aviation, suspending hundreds of flights due to the medical disability of its personnel, tens Affecting thousands of local and foreign users.

Of course, airlines are floundering in their prevention protocols against COVID-19 among their employees, leading to countless casualties among their personnel in record time and historic chaos, especially at Mexico City International Airport.

But beyond flight cancellations, the problem at street level has already reached markets and Tianguis, whose smaller merchants are facing increased prices for some of the original basket’s products.

I spoke this week with Cuautémoc Rivera, president of the National Alliance of Small Businesses, who predicts this January slope as a “steep slope” that could last at least three months, with the prices of products continuing to rise. Will stay

And as a sample, one lemon is enough, which until recently was sold for 18 pesos per kg and today reaches 80 pesos. The reasons are multifactorial, seasonal climate, health (pests), insecurity (the largest lemon producer is Michoacán), an increase in gasoline and diesel, and all together, according to Cuauhtémoc Rivera’s assessment, are driving us toward food poverty.

Rivera says, “…people are losing their jobs and this is starting to affect production and supply chains…a bill we are going to pay in the coming months, when food prices rise further.” Will be.”

But there are those who continue to treat the virus as a “flu” that is cured by tikitos and vic vaporp, in a fossilized, third world and criminal mindset, where “assume” such a problem is the solution. And there are hospitals that are starting to fill up again.

As of last Thursday, 115 hospitals in the country had reported 100% number of people in normal beds and 47 health centers already had less than 40% availability, according to the information system of the health ministry’s IRAG network, with this fourth The most stressed were the institutions. Wave of infection, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Durango.

Don’t get overconfident! In case of any doubt, get tested and follow the recommendations of those who know and handle this pandemic responsibly…