It’s not a popularity contest: Slim

Mexico City.- Noting the disagreement of the militants of the National Uplift Movement (Morena) regarding the process of electing candidates, the party’s president Mario Delgado indicated that it was not a popularity contest.

Reynosa, at a convention presented in Tamaulipas, with Delgado Americo Villarreal being the candidate elected to govern the unit, defended the process in states that would have local elections in 2022, saying it would be transparent. And with gender equality.

“First the State Council ruled, then the National Council ruled, but we also told the Election Commission that ‘we cannot spare anyone, here everyone has to participate.’ Registered, all measured, for what? To find out who people identify with, and who has a potential electoral mayor,” he said.

“From the proposals of the State Council, the National Council and the accreditation surveys, we extracted the names that were eventually measured, but first we called the participants, we told them they were going to appear in the survey, we explained the methodology we assured them Given that there were going to be two private voters who did a mirror survey to give certainty, to give transparency to the results, explaining to them what was going to be valuable, as this is not a popularity contest.

“We need the assumption that people have in a joint assessment about the various characteristics of the participants, honesty, commitment, their credibility, closeness, because it turns out that they have a great electoral potential, recognition. “Added.

Delgado said the process within the party was unprecedented, as the results of the elections were released, and private companies also reported it in live broadcasts.

Similarly, he insisted that gender equality had been accomplished among ex-candidates.

“We’re talking about what’s going to be the definition of three men and three women, because among women, we have a great commitment to open spaces for political participation and we warn about that,” he said. said.

“It is always a matter of definitions, in this case who is responsible for leading the projects, because unfortunately there is only one person and there are many applicants, very valuable, but then there should be only one person. We always Understand that there is resentment, it is normal, but we are sure that we share the goal of change.

“We are not going to fall into the illusion of fighting amongst ourselves, it is time to live up to the change desire of the people in the state and this is not an individual matter, it is a huge one. We are sure that the people he really wants Want change, they will participate and be involved in it.”

In a press conference with local media, he also denounced the alliance between PAN, PRI and PRD, with which candidates in different entities would compete.

“It is not a matter of bragging, but in 11 states where there was an alliance in the previous electoral process, in June we won 11, that is, we left them in the PAN alliance. It is good that they tell people what we are. already knew, that they are one, PAN, PRI and PRD, they are united by nostalgia for corruption, they are united by the intricacies, they are united by the power they possess and by their attachment to the belief that The government is looting to enrich itself,” he said.

Similarly, he called on the INE, which he accused of supporting the opposition, to allow him to return the money left over from normal expenditure.

“We have the largest number of financing, we are returning 800 million pesos since last year, out of 1,600 million pesos of general spending, look at the absurdity, fighting with INE consultants to accept a return of 800 million pesos 570 that we still have to return,” he said.

The conference was also attended by the Senator from Tamaulipas, Guadalupe Covarrubias; Armando Zartuche, chairman of the Political Coordination Board of the Congress of Tamaulipas, and Ernesto Palacios, local representatives of Morena.