ITV Beat the Chasers: Celebrity contestant Adrian Chiles’ marriage breakdown, battle with alcoholism, celebrity courtship and disastrous career move

Birmingham-born presenter Adrian Chillies is one of Britain’s finest quizzers on the latest celebrity edition of Beat the Chaser.

There was a time when the 54-year-old was a constant on our screens, with her career co-presenting The One Show with Christine Lampard (then Blakely) since 2007, before leaving for ITV in 2010.

The pair originally joined ITV as part of a four-year contract to reform the morning show Daytime, but never managed to recreate the chemistry they had on the teatime show and improvise on the new show. After failing to do so, it was removed and replaced. By Good Morning Britain.

Adrian Chillies and Christine Blakely successfully tackle The One Show


Continuing football coverage for the channel, the Chillies put on their own Saturday night show, The Saturday Night Show, for two years.

After his four-year deal expired, he signed a one-year deal exclusively for football coverage, but was dropped after just six months in January 2015.

The dawn was not so successful and after a short time was axed

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The Mirror had previously revealed that Chile made a significant payment after being axed,

Sources claimed that Chile wanted a seven-figure payment to compensate him, not only for the loss of earnings, but also for his humiliation after he was suddenly shown the door. A confidential agreement was eventually signed that he was reportedly happy with.

It is believed that ITV eventually agreed to give him a “golden goodbye” of between £750,000 and £1million.

His journalistic training and love of football have seen him return to the BBC, presenting commercial programs such as Working Lunch and The Money Program, as well as sporting programs such as Match of the Day 2. He currently works for BBC Radio 5 Live.

The presenter has also been very open about his battle with alcoholism and has admitted in previous interviews that he was so “dependent” on alcohol, he used to embrace two pints and a bottle of wine in his ‘non-alcohol’ days. .

In a 2018 interview, I admitted That his dependence on alcohol had grown so much that he drank four pints of Guinness, four bottles of beer, a glass of champagne and five glasses of wine on a friend’s birthday.

He did not say he was an alcoholic, he said in a BBC 2 documentary, Drinkers Like Me: “The term ‘alcohol’ is old, but I undoubtedly depend on alcohol to some degree – and if I am, then thousands of others. I literally didn’t drink anything when I was broadcasting in the evening. I needed a real reason to abstain completely.

“What I would think of as a non-drinking night out with a partner, each with two pints of Guinness and maybe a bottle of wine between us.”

0 Drinkers Like Me Adrian Chiles
Adrian in BBC documentary

He was filmed for the documentary before he developed cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease or death, and things got so bad that he couldn’t even read an autoq when he presented football coverage.

Visited his parents in Birmingham, saw what inspired him to start drinking as a teenager and discovered that sneaking into a pub was about friendship and being part of something, and the social side of drinking. The attraction never really left him since his teenage years.

Admitting for the first time that he had been diagnosed with anxiety during his career, he told the documentary: “I knew that if I had a pint or two everything would be fine, I would be self-medicating with alcohol. I was already seeing my GP for high blood pressure and reflux, and at one of those visits I was diagnosed with anxiety.”

The star, who has two daughters with ex-wife BBC host Jane Garvey, 54, has also said that focusing only on football made his mental health issues worse and he was prescribed the antidepressant citalopram .

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “Anxiety had started affecting my work. Soccer really had very little to offer – ask each pundit pre-formed questions, throw in for a break – and the less there was to do, the harder I found.

“It became difficult for me to put the words in the right order. I went from someone who could advertise for hours on end of opposites. One night at Wembley, I looked at AutoQ and I could barely get the words out.”

After his divorce from Jane, Adrian went on to date Katherine Tate and met on a panel game show called That Sunday Night Show.

The pair went public with their relationship in September 2012 when the pair were caught kissing while on vacation together.

However, after dating for a year, there were reports of the couple parting ways due to their heavy workload.

Since his split with Katherine in 2013, Adrian has been focusing on his career.

1 Adrian Chiles

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Adrian Chilles takes part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special

In 2020, I defended learning Welsh for the S4C program aith ar Daith (Welsh Road Trip), after it was branded as a “pointless” exercise by a columnist.

Explaining why they parted ways, the presenter, who spent family vacations as a child on Gower, said: “‘Learning Welsh is not in vain. You see the world from a new angle’, writing: “I Still learning the language – but it has made me new friends and brought me closer to old ones.

“I finally get to the point of learning a language for myself, and it has come through learning Welsh, from scratch, in a short amount of time.

“Walking around, sitting in cafes, listening to my app on trains, buses or whatever, murmuring to myself in poor Welsh, all the other disturbing thoughts that stink from my mind, disappear.”

The presenter also criticized the English people for criticizing the Welsh language.

He added: “And why do we feel English so clearly that we can make fun of the Welsh language? Is it because we think it is pathetically marginal, or because we see it flourishing? And for some unknown reason, it’s dangerous?”

He also expressed his love for Wales: “I just can’t tell how much I love Wales, especially at Gower. I want my ashes spread on a beach there. So much in Wales It feels absolutely wrong to spend time and not have some knowledge of Welsh.

“One of my favorite Welsh words is ‘Gwasnethou’. My ambition is to know how to say the word for motorway services. I see Welsh that starts with ‘G’ and it seems to go on forever By the time I get to the end of the word, I’m three miles past the mark!”

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