John Gotti’s Net Worth When He Died and How Much Money Does the Gambino Family Have?

John Gotti was an American gangster and head of America’s most powerful crime syndicate, the Gambino crime family in New York City.

He plotted the assassination of Paul Castellano, the former owner of the Gambino family, in December 1985, before he could take over the role of the business. Gotti grew up in poverty in the Bronx, living a life of crime with his five brothers, all of whom at a young age became “male men” who are outright mafia members.

John Gotti became known as “The Teflon Don”, “The Dapper Don”, “Johnny Boy” and “Crazy Horse” for his expensive clothing and flamboyant media personality.

He soon went to prison for five murders in 1992, after his own underboss, Salvatore Gravano, better known as “Sammy the Bull”, assisted the FBI with his sentence. Sammy overheard Gotti speaking negatively about him over a wire tap who had implicated both of them in several murders.

Mafia boss John Gotti arrives at the New York State Supreme Court on February 9, 1990

During his life imprisonment, John Gotti Sr. died of throat cancer on June 10, 2002, at the age of 62. His son, John Gotti Jr. lives up to his name and took over the family mob business from 1993 to 1999.

Who was the wife of John Gotti?

John Gotti Sr. was married to Victoria DiGiorgio from 1962 until her death in 2002.

Victoria, now 79 years old, is an entrepreneur and owner of several businesses. However, during her marriage to Gotti Sr., Victoria remained a homemaker as well as being aware of the family business.

The two met at a bar in 1958 and had been on a date for four years before getting married. They had five children together: Angel, Victoria, John Jr., Frank and Peter Jr. Frank died in 1980 at the age of 12, so there are four children left.

Victoria has an Italian background from her father, a Russian and Italian heritage from her mother and was raised in New York City.

She is estimated to be worth around $2 million.

How much is the Gotti family worth?

The Gotti family was reportedly worth $500 million a year.

John Gotti Sr. became one of the family’s biggest earners in history with a net worth of $30 million and even comes number nine Top 20 richest criminals in the world.

He has a net worth of $10 million on the list of top 20 richest criminals at John Gotti Jr. No. 12. Gotti Jr.’s mother, Victoria, was always angry that her father had gotten her involved in the crime family business when she stepped into the role after Gotti Sr. went to prison.

Gotti Jr. is said to have left the crime life in 2010 and now tells his own story with show Like the 2018 documentary, Gotti: Godfather and Son.

Reality TV Star Daughter – Victoria Gotti

John Gotti and wife Victoria had five children with Angela, Victoria, John Jr., Frank and Peter.

Victoria Gotti left the court with her trademark long blonde hair and dark sunglasses
John Gotti’s daughter Victoria Gotti leaving court after her brother John Gotti Jr. was charged with attempted murder in 2006

John Gotti’s daughter Victoria Gotti became a reality TV star after working as a reporter and columnist in New York.

Along with her three sons she starred in a reality TV show based on her life called Growing Up Gotti. She went on to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice.

He has written several books including his memoirs; This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti, and is estimated to be worth $2 million on the back of her writing and TV career.

Victoria Gotti and her three sons dressed in black outside a mansion
Victoria Gotti and her three sons starred in the reality TV series Growing Up Gotti

Who runs the Gambino family now?

John Gotti Sr.’s brother Peter Gotti was last running the Gambino family.

The crime family is said to be still active while Peter was serving a 25-year prison sentence since 2004 and died last year on February 25, 2021.

At the time, Sammy Gravano, who had jailed his previous boss Gotti Sr., said that “it is the end of an era” for the family.

Peter died of natural causes at the age of 81 at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butter, North Carolina.

He had earlier fought for early release on the grounds that he had condemned to life of crime and because of his ill health.