Juarez’s Alpha 1 Almost Killed ‘Chico’

Juarez’s Alpha 1 Almost Killed “Chico”

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• Attack the castle with a Coralista demarcation

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What starts wrong ends wrong. There were people in the state attorney general’s office (FGE) who protested against a COVID party held last Sunday in Chihuahua city to celebrate Police Day for nearly 400 elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI).

Those who objected to the panchang were fair as Covid and its new Omron version were moving at a fast pace across the state. It tarnished the reason and logic of such circumstances, perhaps even the good faith of those who had the decision to carry out the incident because they recognized the tense policemen.

We handled the matter here on Saturday. At least four dozen infected policemen left that party, according to judicious tests conducted by myself in various laboratories. Not a word in the official bulletin.

On the same Saturday that we addressed the matter here, we received versions of a trial between two AEI commanders, which ended with one of them, almost lifeless in the Renaasi bathroom, the room where Punchga was, Which was located in the exclusive area of ​​LA. Mine.

Unofficial sources of social communication of the prosecutor’s office announced that Zafrancho had been reduced to no less than the head of the AEI in Ciudad Juárez, code alpha 1, along with Hernán Pérez Rico, who had words with a delicate commander of the prosecutor’s office. Were. For women (FEM) with the surname “Chico” and the surname Ramirez.

Entered full wine adoration, Perez Rico made up words with “chico”, mopped with him before entering the bathroom; Then he took it to the sink and put it in front of the mirrors so that he could not take the classic and inexplicable selfie that everyone takes in the bathroom, but to bang his head on the glass.

Several comrades of the rioters had to intervene to stop the fighting and prevent the situation from deteriorating. Commander “Chico” narrowly and does not count, Hernán is acknowledged by Internal Affairs.

Today his immediate boss, the Prosecutor of the North Zone, Jess Manuel Carrasco Chacón, will speak to us about the case if he leaves his office every Monday at a security coordination meeting chaired by Mayor Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, and to whom he has 15 The days are coming without a prosecutor.

That and other matters are pending for clarification by him.


The new branches of Wellbeing are not working as they lack basic tools to serve the user masses. They are trapped in national processes that have always hindered everything.

Only those offices are functioning which were previously occupied by Bansefi, and which disappeared in name to make way for the new official banking institution.

Time is short. The formal inauguration of about 300 branches across the country by the President of the Republic is due next weekend, most of which are inherited from Bansefi. Only two dozen new branches, built and equipped by the army, could be started immediately.

In this context of disorder, it was impossible to support the head of Banco del Bianstar, Diana lvarez Maura, with allegations of mismanagement.

There are already three responsible for Banco del Bianstar in a short time of life. The new head of Banco del Bianstar is a career officer in the State Government of Tabasco and the Federal Government, where he has held responsibilities in the Ministry of Finance.

Candles are lit at Victor Lamoi, the newly responsible, such as someone who, without excuse, begins to walk the elephant, away from improvisations, as happened with lvarez Mauri, who studied cosmic energy and the semiology of daily life. is an expert in transmission.

About 40 offices have been built in the unit which are in shell quality, some in almost black work.


The attack on the Capitol comes a year after hundreds of Donald Trump supporters tried to avoid a presidential-election announcement in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

As a result, mob lynching leads to open criminal proceedings, with many in jail.

There is even an open file against Trump, which could prevent him from running in the next presidential election if he goes ahead.

A very similar incident had occurred in Chihuahua in recent times, keeping the proportions, in June 2016. Dozens were injured and taken into custody during the attack on the state government palace.

What was initially supposed to be a peaceful demonstration turned into a very violent attack, with dozens of broken glass and an attempt to set the palace’s back door on fire, which nearly shattered.

The demonstration was called the Union Ciudadana, the “assault” branch of then-elected governor Javier Corral, with personalities from the left. Coral broke down and accused the undercover police officers of infiltration as well.

Among the facts were allegations of Coral’s responsibility, as he was the main beneficiary of the riots, as he was pressured into a legal conflict after the election, when his takeover was still months away.

Now Coral has published a tweet remembering the attack on the Capitol and recommends a book about it, when there is a sin to the perceived responsibility for the events that took place here. He had to do much more to avoid such an unpleasant and risky incident.


Morena has a young, very young activist, promoting Fourth Change and affiliation to the party, who is greatly pampered by some group of very influential people, who ask him to side with the higher officials of the federal government. allows, as in the case of Ariadna Montiel, the powerful Under Secretary of Welfare.

In his visit he asks how he is doing with the various supports offered by the federal government, including pensions for the elderly, in a blog that collects personal data of citizens. Again this is open propaganda on behalf of Morena in favor of the federal administration.

But recently he has added a new theme to partisan work: promoting the revocation of the mandate, which is an open ratification on the part of the president for him and his fellow party members.

In the image, this youth leader, Luis Rascón, is clearly captured in a selfie with other youth of the party and is visible in verification of support for the ratification. There are at least six computers there.

The law prohibits political parties from interfering in the publicity and collection of signatures for the repeal of the mandate, an issue that will certainly be prosecuted whether or not the required signatures have been collected, so this has been a clear and open morenista. interference with the process.

Such incidents do not need to be recorded, only to add innocently to a file prepared by 4T’s opponents.


The agreement SS-SEM 022/2022 was published in the official newspaper of the state of Chihuahua, whereby the state of Chihuahua is divided into five regions, with orange traffic lights placed on the result of the meeting. by the State Health Council.

With this determination now official and which goes into effect today, a decision is made more favorable in the context of the pandemic, what is an Omicron-led fourth wave with a substantial increase in cases. Just yesterday, 1,024 new infections and 24 deaths, five of them in this city and 12 in half the capital.