Judge under investigation

Heraclitus said that “everything is change” in this world. And five months after taking over local government, some things have really changed, especially in criminal cases involving former government officials from previous governments. And boy are they changing criminal situations! Those whom Coral had accused earlier, are now leveling charges against them!

However, this new justice campaign for those accused, puts the state in a whirlwind of charges and against criminal charges! Therefore, the main function of the government is neglected, which is to give results to the main demands of the society, in education, health, combating insecurity, creating employment, creating conditions for economic development and above all taking care of social peace. , Well, with so many criminal complaints against everyone, the government really becomes a prosecutor’s office.

Charges of torture against protected and accused witnesses, forgery of documents, forgery of signatures, theft of notary books, extortion charges for defendants from public ministries, etc., are intensifying like a war, local in space. And it is certainly not the natural function of the government.

There was a press conference on Wednesday to add fuel to the politics in which the Mendoza control judge, who in March-April issued an order adding the current governor and two others involved in the process, said that “in effect, he spoke to him.” was trying to … to try to influence the meaning of the ruling.” But he did not admit that “they have managed to impress him.” He said the calls came mainly from the state executive, ie Mesta and/or Coral.

That press conference from the aforementioned judge generated, in real time, an intense debate on and against Hughes and the parties to the case on the network. Which is still in Faces and WhatsApp.

This rekindled the fires of various characters for re-activating interviews in various parts of many of these criminal cases, still prosecuted and/or already sentenced, intended to announce that That they are going with all possible lawsuits against Coral Ministries. In this way the criminal agenda in Chihuahua created panic at the national level.

The general feeling left by the avalanche of criminal scandals among those involved is that they are creating a legal basis for calling former Governor Coral and some of his officers before criminal judges. There is no doubt about this.

However, that series of statements made by the judge was not enough to suspend him from his role as a judicial conciliator, at least temporarily.

Conversely, those who are investigating that judge were under pressure to declare that their liberty, independence, and autonomy were infringed upon to solve a criminal case… they reaffirmed their position as judge. ! And then it all turned into confusion on social media.

Clearly among Fce’s most notorious influencers, the question was whether the judge’s ratification was conditional upon making the said statement? Well, in sound reasoning, to comprehensively disqualify the judge for those statements, and immediately after holding a meeting in the Court of Justice, but not to suspend him, but on the contrary, to confirm him as a judge. There is no similarity between Or is he going to be a protected witness? Which is impossible, because there is an inconsistency between being a control judge and being a protected witness as well. Well, the protected witness has also committed a crime against the people he is going to accuse.

The state of the criminal affairs of Duterte and Corral has put the prosecutor’s office under investigation, which has not been able to clearly understand its legal functions, as it is leaving the main thing to prioritize the railing. Due to which this government, neglecting to implement its government plan, mainly starts walking on the path of judicialisation. And this is what the state needs.