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Service Led Organizations (ODS) Are they are dedicated to make work easier its partners, where all sectors work together natural network of internal services, thus a . is generating service environment is positive that favors meeting the needs of customers to achieve satisfaction, gain their loyalty and increase profitability. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Provide people with the necessary means to do their jobs properly, collaborate with others in a conducive work environment to achieve customer satisfaction. So if it’s obvious, what’s the problem? why do not we? Why is this so difficult to achieve? What are the main barriers to achieving service led organization (ODS) growth? I would like to share three key factors to achieve this.

First, Leadership, SDGs should promote a management style close to the people, that radiates confidence, simplicity from the general direction, and shows a genuine interest in listening, knowing their needs, and supporting their well-being. To do so, senior management makes decisions and acts in a consistent and consistent manner; Planning, defining and aligning objectives, making investments and providing necessary resources and other means for daily work. Middle management follows their example and supervises people based on respect and respectful and fair treatment, demands their holistic development, gives close and constructive follow-up to their performance, delegates responsibility and accountability demands. A leadership style, which is not delegated, lives every day, is people-centered and based on trust, believing that they are the most important thing in the organization and thus fostering a culture of service. Do the leaders in your organization take the lead in serving others?

second, The way to work, The SDGs require that this style of leadership, centered on the individual, be deployed throughout the organization, reflected in a simple organizational structure that favors a dynamic based on the design, execution and monitoring of processes that are clearly And it’s easier. , For a consistent execution and a proactive approach to solving problems, with precise assignment of responsibilities in each position and its correct alignment with the individual. This organizational dynamic is linked to information flows that allow constructive feedback to be maintained, achieving continuous and effective communication within and between all work areas. An organization, therefore, focuses on simple and clear structure, processes and indicators, understanding that relations of communication and mutual support favor the development of a good network of internal services. Is your company organized to serve others?

third, Associate. The essential element of the SDGs is the individual. You not only need the associate profile aligning with their position, but also motivated, motivated with professionalism and loyalty towards their work in the organization. It requires special dedication from top management to establish, disseminate, promote and identify policies, practices, procedures and practices consistent with a service led organization (ODS). A colleague wants to be satisfied with his work; Over time he becomes more productive and this in turn makes him more capable, which increases his satisfaction. This is reinforced with training and development and a long-term life and career plan. Under these conditions, employees work actively as a team, in a coordinated manner, to communicate and know the needs and expectations of others, between areas to work in a healthy and positive service environment. Align your objectives and tasks. Hence, a work environment created by satisfied, loyal, productive and capable colleagues, based on conformity between saying and doing, focused on collaboration and communication. Do employees in your organization work to serve others?

In short, the major challenge facing many organizations is to achieve the creation of an ecosystem where culture, structure, processes and metrics align so that leadership, organization and way of working are dedicated to serving the rest .

javier renoso jreynoso@tec.mx

The author is a professor in the Department of Strategy and Leadership at the EGADE Business School in Tecnológico de Monterrey.