lemon and debate

With the novelty that lemons are a topic of conversation these days even in family and friends circles. And all because the price of citrus is through the roof—in some cases they report it’s up to 90 or 100 pesos per kilo-. This is due to seasonality as it is reported that there was less production. Anyway, the fact is, between the joke and the truth, the conversation goes from the price of a lemon to the price of an avocado and from there they go to the famine, which is in the midst of one of the most complicated January slumps recently. It threatens to swallow up a hike in the minimum wage, despite the fact that it has been the highest in recent times. In this regard, a question that people ask themselves, between humor and reality, on the Blessed Network is whether it can be announced these days that Bienstar lemons will go on sale. Oof.

They tell us that the idea that was left out among members of the CIDE community yesterday, following a session in which the statutes were planned to be revised, was adjourned “until further notice” – to confirm For Jose Antonio Romero Tellache At the head of the institution – it was that a battle was won, but not a war. So they have begun looking for members of the CIDE General Assembly—departments, institutions of higher education and autonomous bodies—to review not only the wording but also the material they are being called to approve. And, they tell us, it seems that not everyone is into the argument for aligning with Conacyt’s chief’s design, Maria Elena Alvarez-Bayla.

It turns out that the wave of COVID-19 doesn’t stop, and this week was the worst in the pandemic so far in terms of infections. And that is that from Monday to Friday, a total of 176 thousand 681 were infected with the virus and in the last three days, more than 43 thousand cases were registered and historical records were broken. However, they see to us that the numbers may also show a kind of vertex in an upward curve, which may be due to the fact that there is also a limit to the number of tests available. By the way, in terms of tests, the health secretary yesterday made a new call for their “rational use” to ensure their provision in surveillance and medical care for those who really need it.

In the midst of a dispute between the INE and the federal government over funding for the revocation of that mandate, which has again escalated to the level of tension, those who met yesterday and had amicable talks were the president of the institute, lorenzo cordova, and the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez, This happened during the inauguration of a tax update seminar organized by the National College of Notaries. And perhaps it was the gestures of camaraderie that inspired the senator in his view. Olga Sanchez Cordero It tweeted that “negotiations between powers and autonomous bodies are critical to reaching agreements and consensus in all areas, including repeal.” By the way, in the same message he gave an account of another matter that would be very, very relevant, because “it will require the supreme consent and concurrence of all political forces to proceed” and that it is none other than electoral reform.

The one who raised the demand yesterday that even children below 15 years of age can be vaccinated in the country, was Manuel Enorve, who presides over the Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic. A segment of the population that is made up of about 40 million people and which, the legislator pointed out, could better cope with the new wave of infection driven by the Omicron variant by getting vaccinated. It is nonsense to not vaccinate Guerrero’s people with 50 million doses available. Añorve’s isn’t the only voice that has joined in recently to request that children also be included in the vaccination, who are in long lines these days to have a test implemented.

They see us as time passes and the progress of the Immediate Action Group is not yet known – in which representatives from six countries participate: Mexico, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic – and who which tries to find the members of the organization and command responsible for the accident that killed 55 migrants in Chiapas on 9 December. He says a report of what has been done so far may be presented at one of the morning conferences before the end of this month, however, adding that the presentation of the investigation will only show the first progress, since there will be There is still a long way to go to complete the work done. In any case, what could be disclosed would be useful to send the message that there would be no penalty in this case.