Lessons learned from the January 6 Uprising – Tech Viral Tips

Although it happened a year ago, on January 6, 2021, it will be remembered every year as a milestone for American democracy. Analysts and legislators do not exaggerate who insist that the events on that day call into question the future of American democracy, and therefore the future of security and the economy.

It was on that day that a mob, instigated by then-United States President Donald Trump, arrived at the Capitol to obstruct the certification of the presidential election by legislators, as specified by the Constitution. Despite the attacks, threats and deaths that day, and under threat from Trump himself, Vice President Mike Pence certified the election and transition began so that Joe Biden would protest weeks later.

And there will certainly be readers and officials who appreciate the crisis the neighborhood has experienced in the past out of hatred for the ‘Empire’. But while it seems unintentional, it’s important to remember that America’s political and economic stability in the coming years is critical to a global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly important, for those of us who believe in democratic systems – even if imperfect – is to promote rules and procedures with checks and balances, which stymie the worst tendencies of authoritarians.

And it is important to study the lessons learned from the uprising and attack on the Capitol a year ago, to understand just how vulnerable the democratic system is in the United States, and to begin to anticipate the likelihood that a political crisis will continue in that country. Will be for many years.

What happened in the United States clearly is important to understand what is at stake in Mexico and many Central American and Latin American countries, which have leaders who respect the fundamental checks and balances for any country’s democratic future. do not.

The most important lesson that emerges a year later is the importance of checks and balances that survived four years of controversial Donald Trump: Democratic legislators and a dozen Republicans were ready to investigate and question what happened that day. . In fact, the Legislative Commission probing the January 6 ‘rebellion’ has access to documents, in addition to interviews with dozens of former officials and witnesses, trying to understand former President Donald Trump’s role in instigating the rebellion. , And while there is little chance that Trump and his close team will be criminally punished, at least the reveal of what happened that day will be a reminder to voters who will vote in the midterm elections this year. This underscores the importance of the independence of the legislative branch.

And even if Trump is not punished, at least his followers are suffering the consequences of his decision to participate in the rebellion on Capitol Hill. Within a year of the events of January 6, the FBI has arrested more than 720 people who have been charged with a variety of crimes including murder, assault, illegal use of weapons, damage to property and threats to legislative officials. according to him Washington Post, 70 people have been sentenced, of whom 31 are in captivity, 18 are under house arrest and 21 are on probation. And this 2022 is also expected to have dozens of arrests and more trials for the participants. Competent and independent judges, prosecutors and investigators are also important to protect the democracy of any country.

But the most disturbing lesson after 12 months of analysis is the systematic ‘blindness’ of loyal supporters of Trump. The Capitol’s rebellion has been documented almost minute by minute, brutality and violence, by social networks, with videos from the media and police, as well as evidence and texts. And yet they not only continue to support Donald Trump, they demand his re-election in 2024.

Faced with the impossibility of breaking up with a dangerous authoritarian leader like Trump for loyal followers, the electoral results of the 2022 midterm elections and 2024 presidential elections increase the risk of violent confrontation. The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, must make the difficult decision to use force to further divide the population and voters in order to stop a new rebellion. The use of force always weakens a government, even if it is used to protect a democratic government. And that would be Trump’s weapon and Biden’s Achilles heel.