Let us entrust ourselves to the Most Holy – Tech Viral Tips

On the last day of the year, as symbolized by old Catholic tradition, the faithful congregation in the temple where the last venerable acts would be celebrated, carrying twelve candles, which would be lit one by one, to be blessed by the minister of worship. , as a sign of worship in domestic altars on the first day of each month of the following year and for protection and aid to the most heartfelt requests for purity, to which devotion is granted.

It is said for health, for work, for good fortune, for family, for peace and for everything that is routinely the greatest shortcoming, greatest need, greatest desire of every one, this With hope, the eternal hope that the new year will bring with it the good fortune that part of the year did not achieve.

The old year, 2021, pitiful like some others we have already outlined, made our palates bitter before the first coffee for almost four hundred days of its existence with one continuum: conflict, violence , insecurity, poverty, uncertainty, fear. ,

Tyrion and Trajan, left and right, cold, hot and lukewarm, sighing and marginalized, gloomy and Fifi, high and defamatory, loyal and traitorous… we have this vague and understanding of the peaceful and radical change of life Everything was in the outside world. Of our traumatized country, which, in its progressive vision of Mexico, has given rise to the most local trends of my memories of Mexico, the memorable film in which Don Porfirio is the central character.

Fortunately, Cronos appears, as marked by his own calendar, to cut the cash and leave the hardships behind him. It provides us with a haven of reflection, with taverns, blowouts, beach vacations, saturated airports and bus stations in between, taking advantage of the status of a fourth wave of viral infections, the result of our worthy and undeniable entertainment. is, returns us to compulsory imprisonment and thus gives us the necessary space for reflection and atonement for our erratic behavior.

Outside, our intimate reality is invaded only by unfortunate but inevitable small screens, cell phones, radios, brilliant lights in front of the window, Uber radios, neighbor’s gossip or messages from intelligent social networks, the world that spins, in infinite space, Without change, without any great pretense, in his own matrix, in a virtuality in which each person feels and waits according to his perception.

The violence and ruthlessness of violent groups that subjugate the community and openly and directly challenge the maternal institution of all others, I repeat, before the first drink of the inevitable nectar, in a simple excitement, e.g., Not to be taken as responsibility and, at the very least, deserves an answer.

What happens is that they are fighting each other and so it looks like there is violence, but we are doing well, he explains. It’s a damned legacy, that’s fair. Last year the figure was higher and we are going down, it is argued.

But bodies are real, of flesh, bone and blood. They are not simple figures, but rather crude expressions of the reality with which the past years have closed and hopeful new years begin in each cycle.

They are the real and undeniable specimens of the irresponsible incompetence, atonement, of the state apparatus, which has no form, background, ideas or training to assume its minimal responsibilities, which in its most primitive expression must be guaranteed . Protection of life and property of its governed.

Imagine, if you don’t qualify for the most original or you don’t have a royal desire to do so, we won’t even talk about the rest.

So let us surrender ourselves to the Most High and may God protect us in this 2022 and all that is missing…