Limit does not exist! CDMX – Have Garnachas at home in Tech Viral Tips

are you craving You don’t always have to leave the house to find garnachas that are able to satisfy your hunger in a couple of times.

Here are some options for ordering Garnachas at Home in Mexico City,

here among us

Giant Garnachus! “Here Among Us” has been selling “giraffes” for almost 20 years: 45-centimeter quesadillas, they from slices with tinga, mushrooms, pressed pork, chorizo ​​with potatoes, cream, cheese, potatoes, pastor, hitlacoche are prepared. Chicken with green sesame or poblano.

They also make “mule”, a type of quesadilla with steak or BBQ.

They have Rappi, Didi Food and Uber Eats service.

Address: Av. Clavería 85, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.

aztec huarache

They say that the founder of this place invented huarache: Donna Carmelita Gómez was trying to make tlacoyos and tortillas, but it turned out to be a tlacoyo-soap-gordita that in the neighborhood they named huarache because of their resemblance to sole. that type of shoes.

The result has amazed people for decades, you can order it alone, with beans, fried in butter, with a green or red sauce or both, or one of its 16 combinations, such as egg, cheese, Jerky, rib. , Steak, Pastor and much more.

can do order at home send a message to the number 5581075910 or WhatsApp, they ship up to 7 kilometers from your establishment; He is also in Rappi, Uber Eats and Didi Food.

Address: Torno 154 Corner Juan A. Mateos, Graphic Arts, Venustiano Carranza, CDMX.


Jamaican Huarache

In the same tradition of Dona Carmelita, also that ancestral condiment in El Huarache de Jamaica, it provides various characteristics with such garnachas as rib, egg, tinga, cheese…

Ranchero (marinated chicken breast, nopalitos, cambre and a slice of Uruguayan Gouda cheese), farmer (chicken breast with house pickles and thick cream) or pastor al gratin (pork al pastor with a touch of onion and Uruguayan Gouda cheese au gratin ).

there are many branch offices in Mexico City (iztapalapas, Venustiano Carranza or alvaro obregón) and home delivery through Uber Eats, Rappi and Didi Food.

Address: Torno 166, Graphic Arts, Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City.

La Becal. from Quesadillas

This place cares as much for the good taste of its quesadillas as its packaging, guaranteeing that everything will come out delicious and in good condition.

They prepare them from different stews: cheese, potatoes, pork, chicken or beef tinga, pumpkin florets, mushrooms and hitlacoche, they have individual, orders of 3 or plates of 9.

There’s also toast, they make packages with desserts and pot coffee.

can do order online on their page Or through your WhatsApp 5621758046.

Address: Becale, Block 27, Lot 4 Col, Lomas de Padierna, Tlalpan, Mexico City.



Here they are governed by the motto “May every day be a Sunday for delicious food.”

they specialize Homemade Chole and SnacksThere are chilaquiles, cochinita (you can also find it in a cheese crust), enchiladas, bicolor gordita with two sauces, luncheons, carnitas, muffins, potatoes, pumbazzo and more.

You can find them by call or WhatsApp message (5564745613), Didi Food with or without an apron.

Address: Concepción Beistegui 1563-Local B, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez, Mexico City.


Marie Quesadillas

This place was established in 1955 by Gustavo A. Madero Mayor’s office, they stand out for their secret recipe of dough which they serve with over 20 ingredients to choose from, such as beef, beans, pumpkin florets, hitlacoche, potatoes, pancetta, Cochinita or Choricso.

They can be fried or tenderised, with or without cheese (clarification chilanga).

There are other snacks in the house as well: soaps, enchiladas, gorditas, flautas, chilaquiles, pambazos, pancitas, pozoles and tostadas.

You can order through Rappi or Uber Eats.

Address: Avenida Fortuna 124, Industrial, Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City.

they also have a branch State of Mexico: Av. Tianguistengo 29, Cumbria, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mex.