Long lines for delayed flights

In Mexico City International Airport Terminal Two crowd of people To check baggage and buy tickets they didn’t stop this monday Well, 10:00 hours Six out of eleven scheduled flights were delayed,

while a mayor AICM In charge of spraying sanitizing liquid on terminal benches, traveling passengers Bound for Bogota, Denver, Mexicali, Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles they are waiting for their flight In the vicinity of Terminal Two’s waiting room.

You will find staff throughout the terminal AICM In charge of providing reports to passengers, who were recommended to contact their respective airlines Monitor forecasts about your trips,

While passengers who have already managed to check in their luggage rest on the terminal bench, others It takes them up to an hour to be able to do the related procedures to complete your journey.

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (profeco), reported this morning from the National Palace that Aeromexico airline flights regularized since Sunday afternoon and reported that the total 269 ​​flights canceled between Jan 6 and Jan 10 Other than this flights that were delayed for hours,

According to users, Aeroméxico continues to cancel and modify flights in the last hours

from the opening hour Aeromexico Users They continue to express their dissatisfaction with To cancel at least, 260 flights of this airline, dozens. after Its crew member Kovid-19. were infected with the Omicron version of,

on the twitter account of airline Messages from dissatisfied users are read as saying that their is flying ,indefinite delay“” Titanium “ranked partners who do not respect benefits and even billing problems.

“This has been the worst experience I’ve had with you, I’m a Titanio member and my benefits weren’t respected, I made a round trip reservation with my wife, for some unknown reason you canceled the reservation And on my return my wife” wrote a user on Twitter.

“I was so happy with @Aeromexico when it opened the GDL-MAD route but now my flight indefinitely delayed And after waiting 3 hours on the line, I think it was a mistake to fly with them. On top of that, @AM_Escucha doesn’t listen and can’t offer a solution”, reads another Twitter.

The company replied to the complainant: “We are sorry to read this, as well as the impact it has had on you. Share your ticket number with us via DM to review your itinerary”.

Also on his Twitter account airline Have uploaded a video with the subject “Do you need to get your reservation voucher”? Do it directly from our website. Here we tell you how”.

However, a user replies that “Since yesterday we are trying to get the voucher and the call center did not respond and I they rescheduled flight And I don’t need to do it anymore”.

on another Twitter of a user of airline It read, “I have made many attempts to modify my flight (change dates) but your platform always shows an error and your call center is so saturated that they make you wait for a long time and no response give. Do youhow can i modify my flight, ,

And in still others: “I have almost wait two hours in the call center. my flight was canceled And I have to travel, go back home… HELP!!”

“already they canceled my flight, I communicate with them and I don’t get any response. awesome service #Aeromexico,

most responses Aeromexico For complainants it’s exactly the same: “Hello, we’re sorry for the time invested in advance, we currently have a high volume of calls that make it impossible to respond as we wish, not being able to contact It is important to stay online for Special Executive, please”.