López Obrador defends the use of ointments and teas to treat COVID-19

Mexico City- President Andres Manuel López Obrador in a video defended the use of VapoRub and tea to treat Covid-19 as recommended by the Health Secretary, Jorge Alcosar, a few days ago.

From his office at the National Palace, where he is recovering from the coronavirus, the federal president said he is already living that the Omicron version is not as severe as Delta.

So far it was not confirmed that López Obrador would have contracted the Omicron version, although the Ministry of Health had already indicated in that regard.

“I with paracetamol, although my opponents laugh, they question Dr. Alcosar because he said VapoRub, well, yes,” he said.

“When I was a kid I remember we got sick with the flu and my mom put vaporub here on our chests, and on the soles of our feet, and that’s how we went to bed, and they put our put our little socks on the feet. That remedy and honey with a little lemon for the throat, and with that goes on.”

López Obrador said that the caresses are “not much”.

“Plus, the caresses aren’t too many, eh… there are never enough caresses between couples, caresses for the kids,” he said.

“So be careful — nothing else to stretch it — but there’s no gravity, so much so that I’m working, I’m a fair distance here in the office.”

The head of the executive confirmed that he was “coming out” of the disease and clarified that he did not accept any special treatment.

“And I want to share this information because I find it quite encouraging to be able to verify for the first time that this version of COVID does not pose a threat to the lethality of the previous version, the so-called Delta,” he said.

“This type produces very mild symptoms, it’s equivalent to the flu, I didn’t have special treatment because I’ve never had a fever, a headache or a lack of oxygen, everything is normal, just the hoarseness that’s going away by the way, And the burning sensation in the throat is also decreasing, it is getting less and less.”

The President said that he did not have any worrying symptoms and did not admit to being supplied with any anti-Covid drugs already authorized.

“Of course, if I do take the test I’ll come back positive again, but I no longer have symptoms that might worry me, and I haven’t taken special drugs, these new drugs that have already been approved — which The way they can be applied – these antivirals”, he said.

“Also, I didn’t want to do that because these antivirals, even though they’re already licensed and recommended, basically need to be applied more to chronic diseases and older people.”

‘Pandemic is about to end’ In what is emerging as the fourth wave of COVID-19, López Obrador stressed that the pandemic is on its way and reiterated that the increase in cases will not translate into more hospitalizations or deaths.

“This pandemic is coming out, it’s still a pandemic but I don’t think there are too many risks with this new version,” he insisted.

“There are no hospitalizations, there are hospitalizations, but they are not increasing much, and most importantly, we are not going to have more deaths. After this transition period – which is wide – We are all going to return to normalcy, that I want to share this with you, I have been here for four days and I am fine”.

Tabascan thanked the show of support, for example, from the presidents of Cuba, Bolivia, as well as the prime minister of Canada.

“I’m so happy to be able to talk with you, I don’t want to continue talking because that’s one thing I’m already giving up on and another that’s more than myself.

“But it’s good to tell you, and thank you very much for all the show of solidarity to all of you, the many people who are with their prayers, prayers, blessings, free thinkers, with my interest, much to everyone. People from all sectors of social classes,” he said.