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milos, as his family and friends told him, he should rub his hair every day and shout at the mirror: Where was I wrong, why am I in this position, how did I go from a youthful national and international promise, number one , to a prisoner in a prison in Mexico, without friends, with an accused and deep-rooted mother, my sister on the run, my wife (or ex-wife for now) accused, an engaged father, his former associates Turned them back on him, hides and denies their friendship. so terrible! what a view! It couldn’t be worse!

The saddest thing for him, the worst thing is that if he was honest to himself, he should have realized that only he is to blame for his condition,


He said that he had some talks with the government, but if he did, then undoubtedly he did. crime chair; He placed himself in the hands of his executioners to ask for mercy and forgiveness, not justice, They probably asked him to make up stories of innocent people, because politically so it was convenient, or so they believed, And he did it shamelessly of a freak: he accused her of what they told him and the way they told him, and he took advantage and accused others of his harvest. He didn’t even protect his family! For everyone’s cry: every man for himself!

He didn’t want a serious, solid defense, because he knew he was guilty, so he preferred to ask the side of the mighty and bowed in shame; He didn’t mind dragging what he believed to be a lifeboat, to everyone around him… well, the last straw, even his mother.

They say he gave money, gave a lot of money (In time, we will know for sure who), believing that this would save him, and that he even renounced his rights in extradition; He held one hand believing that it would be enough to protect him from all his lies and misdeeds.

Today in his desperation, those who watch him say, he spreads the blame on third parties; He becomes enraged that, whom he once falsely implicated and defames us without any evidence, we defend ourselves and sue him; But, and I want to emphasize, we are not responsible for his misfortune. The picture I took of Lorenz Guerra Autre happily chatting in Hunan with Doris Beckmann (who was his girlfriend and now… who knows), without feelings of guilt or shame, that’s why He is in jail; him and only him and his actions have imprisoned him,

The impunity and protection he lived in was an insult not only to those who defame us, but to all Mexicans.

I don’t know how many years he’ll be in prison, but no matter how short or long they are, I have no doubt, as a Mexican and a journalist who has followed the case, that he deserves it. , and I’m also sure it’s not my fault to publish your privileges, But for the bribe, indicates everything, received, I, for my part, I won’t take my finger off the line in court Unless he backs down or is convicted of damaging my honour, credibility and reputation by lying about me. Till then and only till then.

The first step so that Emilio Lozoya’s condition does not continue in this spiral is for him to mature, admit his guilt, stop hiding his crimes under the skirts of his mother, sister and ex-wife, and let fate, his father and others To stop blaming. To lie down Only he is guilty of the crimes that FGR has imposed on him, not his family, whom he duped,

Then, and only then, will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself: I already know why I’m in this position, and I deserve it,

Micron caught up with us

And he started doing his work in Mexico. One of the worst-hit sectors has been aviation, which has led to countless flight cancellations and furious travellers. However, looking at things objectively, we are facing a health problem which cannot be compromised under any circumstances.

Of all the affected airlines in Mexico, Aeroméxico is the only company that has recognized and published The number of its employees who are in quarantine for being infected.

In the last five days, the airline impacted 10% of its total flightsDespite this, he pointed out that it will continue to implement its health protocols to protect passengers and staff. Now, if you lose out on these cancellations, imagine the damage that serious and transparent airlines are doing.

Would be too bad, from my humble point of view and without anyone’s eagerness to defend, if they skip health protocols and fly with the crew without knowing whether they are infected or not. In fact, some companies put health before business, and this should be recognized as well.,

Realistically, we must understand that this is not a special status for a company, regardless of name or business, it is a global phenomenon that has shown its fortunes to other airlines in the rest of the world. In the United States, for example, there are about 23 thousand canceled flights; We have 300 in Mexico . are not more than, and expect a position that is not (I hope) close to the northern neighbors.

Mexico, that I know, and although in the fourth quarter they want us to believe it, it’s not inside a glass bubble, Therefore, if you have to travel, it is better to do so with people who apply the necessary measures to prevent infection. We had to live with López-Gatell in a pandemic era, which was the worst, and we didn’t survive that! Keep in mind, O’Micron is not a game, and Wear an N95 face mask, trilayer or fabric ones are not useful in this infectious form,


I wish you all the very best for 2022, and if you’re reading me, I definitely got off on the right foot.