Luisito Comunica receives criticism for reinforcing gender stereotypes on the cover of a magazine – Tech Viral Tips

Mexican influencer Luisito Communications it was Social media users asked questions After showing the pictures with which he acted men’s magazine cover in africa, where he pointed it reinforcing masculine and gender stereotypes,

Immediately, negative comments They started coming, pointing to him as a pimp. ,awesome that your dream is to be on the cover of something manly“,” Macho pictures “,”Dreaming of being a broker?“,”And are you proud? At least not alone, it’s like they kept the girl as an ornament”, “I find it suspicious to support Playboy on its pages” or “What happened to your complaint for gender violence? Those were some of the responses he received.

Publication of Luisito Comunica

Through his social networks, Mexican She shared a part of the photoshoot for the magazine lazy, in its African version. with Model Jacqueline MosaMILF she is seen holding a marijuana cigar or while posing in front of her touching her face or covering her eyes, glancing at a A relationship of a certain power that reproduces masculine stereotypes,

,Since I was a kid consuming this and I never imagined being here, There have been very few men’s covers lazy, Among those standing out are Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Bad Bunny and now Luisillo. Above, this is the first cover a smoker releases weed. And crazy too, it’s lazy Africa”, commented the influencer, who Said his appearance was a childhood dream come true‘under the subject’What women want, expert advice,

Other controversies of the vlogger

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, maiden name of Luisito Comunica, already Was accused of sexist behavior When in February 2021 He made a comment on a photo where his girlfriend, Venezuelan Arya Tenorio, is seen smiling for the camera with an African man. Controversy arose as a result of his words: “Over 100 cows have been offered to Arisita so far.”, which generated a lot of criticism for his the view of the female gender as a commodity,

At first, me August 2020, during a visit to San Miguel de Allende, a famous . posed with Artisan mezcal called ‘your buttocks will be mine’, so he published an image from behind, next to the back of his girlfriend, who was wearing denim shorts. The publication contained two phrases: “crazy ass” and “you have been warned,

teen pornography

Luisito Comunica announces he has consumed the magazine ever since he was a child lazy, according to a A June 2020 study by Save the Children’s Association, The 62.5% surveyed adolescents Viewed pornography between the ages of 13 and 17 ever in your life. from them, 53.8% have access for the first time before the age of 13, while before the age of 10 years 8.7%, being Average age of boys just before 12th birthday,

Lately, American singer billy elisho spoke publicly during an interview with the show Howard Stern Show She Pornography has brought big problems to your sex life, as it were in contact with it since the age of eleven, which distorted her reality about female bodies.

“As a woman, I think porn is a shame. To be honest, I used to watch a lot of porn. I think it really destroyed my mind and I’m incredibly devastated that I was exposed to too much porn”, she counted.

The study states that 36.8% of people who frequently consume pornography do not differentiate between pornography fiction and their own sexual experiences And, out of the total, 17.1% do not know how to answer. The male gender is the one that sees the most similarity between pornography and its practices compared to the female gender.

,The first time I had sex, I accepted a lot of things that weren’t good at all., I did it because I thought that was what attracted me”, explained the young woman, who will turn 20 on 18 December. “It bothers me that one likes porn so much and I’m so upset with myself at that moment thinking that everything was fineEilish added.