Man returns £300 North Face coat after being mistaken for a ‘Primark worker’

A student spilled £300 on a North Face coat so that people might mistakenly think it was an employee of Primark because it was blue and black – embarrassing him so much that he returned it.

Red-faced Conor Kundell returned three weeks after tearing off the coat as he felt like a ‘laugher’ around campus.

Taking a jibe at his plight after uploading the video on TikTok, the 20-year-old advertising student opted to get a jacket that wouldn’t make him look like a ‘walking Primark ad’.

Some employees of Primark commented on the similarity of his uniform, while other TikTok users dubbed Connor an ‘idiot’ and said that the ‘joke was on him’ for paying so much for his fashion.

Connor spent £300 on the coat

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He made fun of his plight by uploading a video on Tiktok

The video, which has been viewed more than two million times, shows Connor wearing his coat on the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, as the caption read: ‘You think you can hurt me? I spent £300 on a coat to look like a Primark employee.’

Connor, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, said: “The evening I bought it, I went out with my friends.

“One of them commented like ‘Oh, she’s wearing a Primark coat’.

“I didn’t think anything of it, but that evening, it came to my mind that I was a running Primark ad. The colors were spot on.

“I was at Primark one day, and this lady patted me on the shoulder.

“He asked ‘Do you work here?’, I just turned around and laughed. I said, ‘No, I’m just changing colors.’

“After that, I saw a lot of people staring at me. I don’t know if I was going crazy, but I was wondering if people would come to me asking for help.

“It made me stop wearing coats in Primark, it stopped me from wearing coat pointe blanc. I had someone I didn’t know at university ask me to make a comment, I looked like I Worked at Primark.

“It became well known in the student hall that I was the guy with the North Face Primark employee coat.

“I was embarrassed. I felt like it was laughable now to spend so much money on something that belonged to a Primark employee.

“There’s nothing wrong with working at Primark, but you wouldn’t want your coat to look like a brand new uniform.

“I actually returned the coat at the end. I had it for three weeks in total.”

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Connor decided to admit his mistake and turn it into a self-deprecating TikTok where it received mixed reactions.

Connor said: “When I made the connection, I thought it would be fun to make videos of myself making fun of myself on TikTok.

“It went viral and I got a lot of comments from Primark employees saying I looked like one of them. I thought ‘I can’t deal with this, I really can’t. I have to return this’ .’

“I filmed the video on the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. I got some comments from people saying I’m an idiot and that I should jump off the bridge. I had to laugh it off though.”

Luckily for Connor, The North Face was able to refund her purchases, allowing her to switch up the color palette.

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Connor in his new coat

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she was allowed to change color

Connor said: “I didn’t like the idea of ​​spending so much money on it and then people making fun of it. It was a great coat, it was a great color, it was just the connection.

“I recently got into design stuff. The North Face is a really cool brand with high quality stuff, so that’s what I invested in.

“I managed to return the quote even though I had removed the labels. Their policy says they do not accept returns if this has been done.

“But I contacted them and just explained that I didn’t really like the coat, and the customer service was really good. They said I could send it back.

“I got a replacement coat in balsam green. I made sure there weren’t any supermarkets or similar ones from any other big brand.

“I have the coat I need right now, and I’m really happy with it.”

Many saw the humor in Connor’s situation, as they agreed with the comparison.

One user commented: “I’m crying, I work at Primark and you really look like you could be my coworker.”

Another user jokingly said, ‘Employee of the month boy, now follow them.

Other users were more critical of Conor’s shopping choices.

One wrote: “Oh I’m sorry you judge,” while the other said: “Brother, you spent £300 on a coat… the joke is on you.”

Another commenter said: “If you pay £300 for that North Face coat, I’ll jump off that bridge, dude.”

Primark and The North Face have been contacted for comment.

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